Ter Aar, The Netherlands
Furniture shop
Hydronic system
Plant redevelopment
Year 2020



Sustainable comfort and savings for the largest furniture store in the Netherlands

Zitmaxx Wonen is a family company that has existed for more than 14 years in Ter Aar. Born with a small range, it has now become a specialized shop with over 15,000 m² of showroom.

The challenge

The main need was to improve customer comfort, ensuring the right temperature all year round with a silent system that does not use fossil fuels and respects the environment.

The new system had to be easy to install and maintain and reliable.

Management costs also had to be reduced compared to the existing system.

La soluzione Zitmaxx

The solution

4 reversible air-cooled heat pumps ELFOEnergy Storm EVO WSAN-YES with ecological R32 refrigerant and high efficiency inverter technology (SCOP up to to 4.08 and SEER up to 4.64 have replaced the existing system, based on a gas-centralized boiler for heating only,).

The 4 units are hydraulically connected, ensuring greater efficiency and operational reliability. The units also offer the possibility to program silent or super silent operating mode.

The distribution of heat and cold is entrusted to 16 ELFODuct ducted fan coils that allow to adjust air flow and humidity to avoid drafts and condensation in the rooms.

The results

The need for comfort all year round has been fully satisfied, as far as the demand of a silent system.

The challenge of eliminating fossil fuels has also been won.

Last but not least, the new system makes it possible to save energy and therefore to reduce management costs for a sustainable comfort from both an environmental and economic point of view.

Zitmaxx internal view

The team

  • Owner:Zitmaxx

  • Clivet distributor: Airview NL

Clivet units installed:

  • 16 ELFODUCT HP 71 fan coils

  • 4 ELFOEnergy Storm EVO WSAN-YES air / water heat pumps