the heat pump: A unique system that can guarantee comfort all year round

Clivet has been working for over 30 years with success supplying heat pump systems for commercial applications. These commercial & industrial customers identified the heat pump technology in its different types air to water, water to water and air to air an efficient system able to deliver consistent savings in energy consumption up to –40%/-50% and that offers a payback of 2-3 years versus traditional systems that uses fossil fuels.

Libro bianco sulle pompe di calore

The LIBRO BIANCO SULLE POMPE DI CALORE, published by Assoclima, outlines some fundamental aspects for the diffusion of the culture of efficiency and sustainability, emphasizing the role of heat pumps in the process of decarbonisation and achievement of the 2030 objectives.

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These transferral only requires the use of electricity and is highly efficient and therefore low consumption. The energy freely derivable from the atmosphere supplies about 75% of the energy required by a heat pump. With the integration of only 25% of electric energy, 100% of the heating system demand is reached.

The most frequently used source is air as it is available everywhere. Nonetheless, of particular interest in specific cases is the use of water as a source in that it is a natural resource able to further increase the efficiency of the system and therefore reduce consumption. This is found to be the ideal solution when there are accessible sources such as wells, groundwater, lakes, rivers or the sea.

The ground can also be a useful source of exchange, by means of opportune underground circuits (geothermal probes) arranged horizontally in the presence of adequate surfaces or vertically when the morphology allows it.

Thanks to their energy efficiency, heat pumps guarantee the desired comfort with reduced management costs and with a low environmental impact. For this reason the initiatives aimed at favouring realisation through economic or tax incentives are numerous.

The advantages of the heat pump system





Thanks to the experience in these commercial sectors Clivet introduced a very innovative concept also in Residential sector, where Clivet has been able to bring the energy advantages of the heat pump systems. For this reason Clivet created innovative systems that use the heat pump technology in order to guarantee comfort inside the residential applications, with a unique system for: heating, cooling, domestic hot water production, fresh air renewal and air purification.


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