Sirone, Lecco - Italy
Mold production industry - diecasting
Air Handling Units
Year 2019


COSTAMP mold Industry

The heat of aluminum and magnesium die-casting
for the heating of the warehouse
Air handling units
Year 2019

A dedicated heating system recovers the heat from industrial fumes at high temperature, for the the heating of Costamp Group warehouse that occupies a surface area of approximately 1500 m2 with a 9 meters height.

The challenge

The challenge was exploiting the high temperature generated in the production area of the foundry for heating.

The cooperation between the thermo-technical designer and the Deltati agency was based on a careful environmental diagnosis which revealed an important aspect: the warehouse is adjacent to the foundry area which, during the activity phases, generates a large quantity of endogenous heat and high temperature discharge fumes (averaging between 180°C and 220°C - flow rate over 10000 mc/h).

Costamp Air Conditioning System - external view

The solution

From this intuition, the synergy between Clivet and Sintra products and the design skills of the Technical Studio led to the design of an innovative system solution, articulated as follows:

  • High temperature fume heat recovery unit specifically designed by Clivet, with modulating operation with inverter control;
  • Patented MIX-IND Sintra technology for the pulsed air distribution through PA1000 units and punctual heat inlet concentrated according to the SPLIT ® Sintra solution;
  • 2 Clivet concentrated heat intakers;
  • Forterm thermal storage puffer;
  • Electronic control system, designed for remote management via web cloud connection.

The results

The realization of this particular type of plant has allowed to obtain positive results and determined numerous advantages:

  • Total energy recovery of the heat of exhalation fumes from the foundry: the customer gets a free heating of the entire goods warehouse;
  • Reduction of plant engineering complexity through the use of a drive system according to the patented Sintra MIX-IND technology and concentrated heat input using two individual Clivet hydronic fan units;
  • Reduction of the building's energy needs, thanks to an air distribution in the environment with no heat stratification;
  • High comfort as a result of a homogeneous heat distribution
  • Return of the investment in two years
Clivet rooftops

Clivet system

Clivet has designed and built, according to the design specifications of this particular application, an industrial high temperature heat recovery unit (AIR AQS.015 model) inverter driven, characterized by:

  • Efficiency of heat recovery from burnt gases in ejection from the production cycle up to 70%;
  • High temperature fan motor unit, with out-of-flow external motor and extended shaft with heat sink;
  • Capacity up to 15000 mc / h.
  • High efficiency IE3 electric motor, with the latest generation of inverter control;
  • Heat recovery battery entirely made of stainless steel capable of recovering up to 350 kW of thermal power with fumes at 180°C and water produced at a temperature of 70-80°C to supply Clivet heat injectors.

High performance Clivet localized heat injectors
2 Clivet SAHU model CF242 units were installed. The units are fed with water at 80-70°C coming from the heat recovery of the fumes at high temperature and destined to introduce thermal energy in the goods warehouse. The supply is direct, without any ducting; the combination of Clivet power injectors with the patented Sintra MIX-IND drive system is the winning and innovative aspect of the project.

A thermal energy storage, with a capacity of 1500 litres, placed near Clivet units, has introduced the necessary and very useful thermal inertia to the system as well as allowing the hydraulic disconnection between the heat recovery part and the heat dissipation. 
The plant simplicity has represented a further advantageous element of the solution.

Costamp Air Conditioning System - external view

The team

  • User: Costamp - Sirone (LC)
  • Thermomechanical designer: Technical Energy System of Nicola Andreoletti
  • Installer: Bonacina Srl