Clivet Bistro

Feltre, Belluno, Italy
Internal restaurant
System: Enhanced hydronic, Enhanced VRF and roof-top
Year: 2017


Comfort and IAQ Clivet for Clivet Bistrò

Clivet is attentive to the well-being of its employees and over the years has made several improvements to the working environment by equipping the production with an air conditioning system that guarantees not only warm in winter but also cool in summer, installing air renewal and purification systems in the offices, renovating coffee areas, offices and meeting rooms...

In 2017, to offer a more welcoming and relaxing environment where to spend the lunch break, Clivet started the construction of the new canteen, Clivet Bistro'.

The restaurant was built in the final part of the production plant and occupies an area of 1130 m2 on two floors.
The 900m2 ground floor comprises 70m2 of locker rooms, 180m2 of kitchens, 230m2 of food distribution area, 310m2 of dining room and 110m2 of hall with relax area. Clivet Bistrò is also equipped with an outdoor dining area.
I 310 m2 del primo piano, dedicati principalmente agli ospiti esterni, hanno 27m2 di Self-Service, 100 m2 di sala da pranzo e 60 m2 di area relax.

The solution

unità esterna mensa

To ensure sustainable comfort from both an environmental and economic point of view in the different areas, the different intended uses and therefore the needs of each area were taken into account right from the design stage.

The comfort of cooks and food distribution staff is guaranteed by a full fresh air system with two SMARTPACK2 full inverter rooftop units that treat the air while also providing hygienic exchange, extracting the stale air and introducing filtered air at the correct thermohygrometric conditions, thus adapting the operation of the units according to real needs.

The dining room on the ground floor and the locker rooms are served by an enhanced hydronic system based on an ELFOEnergy Storm heat pump with inverter technology combined with ELFOSpaceBOX3 cassette-type ceiling hydronic terminals and ZEPHIR3 air renewal system with active thermodynamic recovery equipped of electronic filters capable of breaking down fine dust, viruses and bacteria. This system guarantees clean air at the right temperature, eliminating also food odors.

The entrance / relax area on the ground floor and the entire first floor are served by an enhanced VRF system based on a VRF MV6-i outdoor unit equipped with a vapor injection DC inverter compressor capable of offering high performance even under the more demanding conditions, for maximum comfort and energy saving, Q4AN-XMi cassette type direct expansion ceiling terminals and ZEPHIR3 air renewal system.


The result is a comfortable, healthy and pleasant environment with low energy consumption, partly covered by the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the factory.

In short, not just a company canteen, but an experiential showroom, where customers can touch the comfort of Clivet systems.

The units installed:

unità interna ristorante aziendale Clivet

  • 2 ZEPHIR3, air renewal and purification system
  • 1 ELFOEnergy Storm, air-cooled heat pump
  • 17 ELFOSpace BOX3, cassette type frame terminals
  • 2 SMARTPACK2, Air conditioner Full Inverter -Rooftop unit
  • 1 MV6 VRF outdoor unit with vapor injection DC inverter compressor
  • 10 Q4AN-2-XMi 4-way cassette type ceiling direct expansion terminals

The protagonists:

unita installata in clivet bistro

The system was designed Studio Sanniti of Sedico and installed by DIMAX SAS di D’Alberto Carlo & C of Feltre.