Norderstedt - Germany
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CASIO's principles are "Creativity and Contribution". They describe the company's claim to make a social contribution with original and useful products with innovative functions that help people in everyday life and promote social progress.

In early 2009, CASIO moved to NORDPORT Norderstedt to meet the growing mobility and logistics demands of an internationally operating European headquarters.

For the air conditioning of the offices, the new structure was equipped with a super silent WSAT-XSC chiller with a cooling capacity of 264KW.

The environmental concept also played a fundamental role in this project, so much so that in the transition period the building was partially heated with alternative energies. For this purpose, a WRH-2 type heat pump with a thermal capacity of 63KW was installed. The geothermal probes act as a source of heat, ensuring a consistently high COP.