Barl’lo Project

Bornem, Belgium
Residential complex
System: Hydronic – Geothermal heat pumps with water-circuit change over
Year: 2021


Barl’lo Project

New near zero energy residential complex

In the centre of Bornem, surrounded by a green park, stands Barl'lo, a residential complex consisting of three sustainable 4-storey flat blocks with flats of various sizes covering a total of 8400 m2, designed by the renowned architectural firm Binst Architects.

The challenge

The requirements for new buildings are very strict in Belgium. 

The system

In order to meet these requirements, geothermal heat pumps with water-circuit change over WSH-XEE 40.2 with 143 kW each with high seasonal efficiency were installed, supplied by Thercon and installed by HVAC Theo Boons installation company.
Guido Hendrickx, business development manager at Clivet distributor Thercon Belgium, explains. "The three blocks of flats are equipped with a geothermal heat pump, underfloor heating and high thermal insulation.
The WSH-XEE 40.2 geothermal heat pumps with water-circuit change over produces energy for heating in winter and cooling in summer by exploiting groundwater through wells drilled to a depth of 150 m. In summer, the Natural cooling function is used, utilising groundwater to cover the cooling needs of the flats without using the heat pump. 
To maximise the efficiency of the system, the water temperature for underfloor heating is set at 35°C.
Domestic hot water is produced separately in each flat with water-to-water heat pumps using the Clivet heat pump as the source.

The results

The system installed has made it possible to achieve one of Belgium's highest ecological standards, namely the BEN standard (=almost energy neutral building).

The complex is therefore sustainable in terms of both the landscape, with its green roofs and biodiversity gardens, and the environment.

Clivet units installed

3 ELFOEnergy Ground Medium² WSH XEE2 40.2 geothermal heat pumps with water-circuit change over 

The protagonists:
  • Distributor: Thercon, Belgium
  • Installer: Theo Boons, Belgium
  • Designer: Raco, Belgium
  • Architect: Binst Architects, Belgium