Wall-mounted air-to-water heat pump

for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production, completely replaces traditional fuel or gas boilers. Ideal for offices or homes where a specific volume of domestic hot water is required.

  • it does not need to be coupled to a boiler if DHW is produced by the boiler (Hybrid version);
  • energy efficiency at the highest level;
  • designed not to disturb, operating very quietly;
  • can be combined with DHW tanks of a volume suitable for the application in which it is to be installed;
  • up to 6 units can be connected in cascade, for demands up to 100 kW.
Technical features
  • Capacity from 4 to 16 kW;
  • Ecological: gas R-32;
  • Air temperature range from: - 25°C to +46°C;
  • Maximum water temperature: + 46°C.