Foen di Feltre, Belluno - Italy
B&B and private house
SPLIT System
Year 2019



Renovation of two 270 m2 residential units

In 2019, the 270m2 private building build in the 1960s was completely renovated, giving life to an elegant apartment and a welcoming B&B.

The new building is on 3 floors: the basement houses a garage, laundry, thermal plant and 2 cellars, the first floor, used as a B&B, houses 3 double bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and a breakfast room, the second floor is used as a private flat with living area, double bedroom and 2 bathrooms.

The challenge

The important redevelopment intervention had to transform the old building not only from the point of view of its intended use, but also from the point of view of year-round comfort and energy saving.

Being the first floor used as a B&B, the air conditioning system had to guarantee a quick achievement of thermal comfort levels in order to optimize consumption and reduce management costs.

Each room with its bathroom had to be independent as far as the plant system was concerned in order to activate the heating/cooling system only when the rooms were occupied.

B&B STREGATTO DALLA LUNA air conditioning plant

The solution

The load-bearing masonry building has been completely renovated and equipped with a 10cm external coat, wooden roof with 16cm rock wool insulation and wooden window frames with triple glazing to eliminate thermal bridges as much as possible.

The new comfort service system is based on a heat pump combined with a radiant floor and 500-liter domestic hot water storage.

To ensure comfort even in summer, quickly and economically cover the heating needs in mid-seasons and speed up the times to reach the required temperature in the occupied rooms, each room of the B&B has been equipped with a Clivet Split Cristallo indoor unit.

The apartment is also equipped with 2 Split indoor units, which guarantee comfort in the living and sleeping areas respectively.

A 6 kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof completes the system.

The results

The year-round comfort goal for owners and guests of the B&B has been completely satisfied.

Also from the point of view of energy saving, and therefore economic saving, the objectives have been completely achieved.

In fact, the system allows to quickly reach the desired temperature in all seasons, with low energy consumption, partly covered by the photovoltaic system.


The team

Architectural design: Arch. De Biasi Alessandra
Works Management: Enzo De Biasi and De Biasi Alessandra
Owner: Slongo Luigi and De Biasi Alessandra
Construction company: EdilGasperin SAS
Plumber: Thermohydraulics Trinca
Electrician: Adriano Manfroi
Carpenter: Jimmy Bodo's Bodo SNS

Unità Clivet Installate - STREGATTO DALLA LUNA

Clivet Units Installed

  • 1 MULITSplit Cristallo outdoor unit
  • 1 MONOSplit Cristallo outdoor unit
  • 5 MONO-MULTISplit Cristallo indoor units