Procemsa SpA

Nichelino, Turin - Italy
System: Hydronic - UTA AQX and CLA
Year: 2023

Industrial air conditioning

AQX air handling units to ensure product quality and reduce consumption in the pharmaceutical plant.

Founded in Turin in 1939, Farmaceutici Procemsa has more than 80 years of experience in the development and production of pharmaceutical specialities such as food integrators, foods for special diets and cosmetics.

Product quality, respect for the environment, a focus on people and customer care are the values on which the entire business is based.

Procemsa Farmaceutici considers the environment to be a primary asset and is committed to reducing the impact of its activities as much as possible. 

The solution and the results

With this in mind, in 2023 it equipped the Nichelino plant with 3 Clivet AQX and CLA high-efficiency airhandling units.

The units are used for the treatment and dehumidification of process air and make it possible to meet the requirements of controlling the conditions of the treated air in terms of both temperature and humidity. At the same time, they guarantee adequate filtration to meet the high air quality standards required by the processes.

The high efficiency and precise control of operating parameters are the result of careful design of the units, whose mechanical performance is certified by Eurovent (AQX)

Installed Units:

  • 2 AQX air handling units size 7 and 16
  • 1 CLAS air handling unit size 10


  • Ownership: Procemsa Farmaceutici, Turin
  • Consulting and production of air handling units: Clivet Air, Isola della Scala, Verona