Pianezza – Turin, Italy
Production systems and automation industry
System: Enhanced VRF + Rooftop
Year: 2020

Air conditioning for industry

GROB Italy

GROB Italy, the Italian production site of the GROB Group, is a leader in the design and production of machine tools and systems for the electromobility sector. 

Besides the Italian branch, the Group has four other production sites: in Mindelheim (Germany), headquarters of the parent company, USA, Brazil and China and sixteen other branches all over the world.  

The challenge

The challenge for the designer was to ensure the comfort and well-being of workers and employees all year round through a system that would also be economically sustainable.

GROB Soluzione

The Solution

The optimal solution identified by Studio Forgia Ingegneri Architetti Associati was the combination of an advanced VRF system for the 3000 m2 office and canteen area and a rooftop system for the 4800 m2 production area.

The quality of the air breathed by the employees in the offices and by all the people using the canteen is provided by two air renewal units with active thermodynamic recovery and ZEPHIR3 electronic filtration, thanks to their completely independent and autonomous operation and to the use of high efficiency electronic filters (ISO 16890 ePM1 90%).

In order to guarantee the thermal comfort of the offices and canteen, the following units have been installed:

  • 4 VRF outdoor units with inverter technology to adapt punctually to the required load
  • 96 VRF indoor units
  • 2 indoor units with air renewal and energy recovery (HRV) for the two main meeting rooms.

The production area is instead served by 4 rooftop CLIVETPack² CSRN-XHE2 80.4 with THOR thermodynamic recovery. These guarantee, with single and independent units, the satisfaction of internal loads and the necessary hygienic changeover, maximizing the energy recovery of stale air. The plant is finally completed by 2 mini VRF systems serving two technical rooms of the warehouse.

GROB - I risultati

The results

Engineer Uberto Forgia, who oversaw the design of the system, comments: "The solution chosen has allowed us to have, compared to a hydronic system with AHUs, a more flexible system that adapts better to the different needs of the production area and offices, ensuring maximum comfort and air quality not only in winter, but also in summer for both workers and employees. The system also makes it possible to make the most of the 120 kW peak photovoltaic system, which covers about 30% of the plant's electricity consumption with a positive economic impact."

The solution proved to be more flexible than a solution based on a hydronic system with heat pumps/boilers and traditional air handling units placed on the flat roof of the building:

  • a simplification of the distribution design;
  • a reduction of overall dimensions;
  • elimination of antifreeze problems during periods of plant shutdown in winter.

GROB unità Clivet

Clivet units installed

  • 3 Zephir3 size3
  • 1 Zephir3 size5
  • 4 CSRN-XHE2 80.4
  • 81 VRF indoor units
  • 2 VRF IDU Heat Recovery (HRV)
  • 4 VRF ODU (265 kW)


The protagonists

Designer: Studio Forgia Ingegneri Architetti Associati - San Mauro Torinese - Turin
Installer: M.I.T. - Nichelino - Turin, Italy 
Service center: AC Service - Moncalieri - Turin, Italy 
Clivet Agency: Condsystem, Turin