Wellington - New Zealand
Office building
Hydronic System
Year 2018




Clivet hydronic system
to the largest Professional Service Network
Year 2018

Deloitte is a UK-incorporated multinational professional services network and is also one of the "Big Four" accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. Clivet supplied air-cooled heat pumps and water-cooled chiller solutions for Deloitte HQ building in Wellington, New Zealand.

Air-cooled multifunctional heat pumps provide simultaneous and independent heating and cooling and the water-cooled chillers provide cooling function. 
Total capacity is 2,560kW.

The SPINchiller3 Multifunction air-cooled heat pumps are high efficiency packaged units for centralized systems to produce heating and cooling both simultaneously and independently. ELFOEnergy Ground Medium2 are water-cooled chillers, ideal for multi-family and commercial buildings.

The air cooled heat pumps and water cooled chillers are connected via Clivet ECOSHARE management system. This system allows running 2 air cooled heat pumps as a single unit with several capacity steps and 5 water cooled chillers as a single chiller unit with several capacity steps. This setup of the HVAC system extremely increases system reliability and ensures easy maintenance.