Milanello Sports Centre

Carnago, Varese
System: Enhanced VRF + Split
Year: 2022


Milanello Sports Centre

Pure air and ideal temperature at the new Milanello sports centre with Clivet systems

During physical activity, especially aerobic, the respiratory rate and the amount of air we introduce into our lungs increase. If the air that the athlete breathes is not pure, with every single respiratory act the amount of pollutants, fine dust, etc., that the athlete assimilates increases, with negative consequences on his health and performance.

The challenge

AC Milan's medical staff therefore decided to equip the new gym where the AC Milan 'Primavera' team will train with a complete Clivet air-conditioning system that not only guarantees an optimal temperature all year round, but also allows the athletes to breathe pure air at all times.

The solution

The system is based on:

  • 2 VRF Heat Recovery MV6R-XMI systems (size 400 and 450) to supply the indoor VRF cassette-type and ducted units serving the office area rehabilitation gym and physiotherapy room
  • 2 VRF HYDROMODULE for the production of domestic hot water throughout the building
  • 1 AQX1 central air handling unit for air conditioning and air renewal in the video area
  • 1 VRF MV6i-XMi 500T VRF system combined with two AQX6 central air handling units for air conditioning and primary air treatment in the changing room area
  • 1 VRF MV6i-XMi 400T VRF system combined with a SAHU06 central air handling unit for air-conditioning the gym area
  • 1 autonomous heat pump system for air renewal and purification Zephir3 equipped with electronic filters and active thermodynamic recovery for primary air treatment in the gym area
  • 1 MV6i-XMi 560T VRF system combined with a central air handling unit for air conditioning and primary air treatment of the wellness area
  • 1 CLIVET MM2 Y 35M Cristallo Monosplit system for cooling a technical room

A series of advanced controls manage the entire system, guaranteeing the comfort and well-being of athletes and staff, as well as considerable energy savings and interfacing with Milanello's central BMS.

The results

The result is a gymnasium that guarantees the ideal temperature and clean air in every area so that athletes can work in an environment that allows them to reach their full potential for a team that is always striving for excellence and improving its performance.

The protagonists:

Investor: Milan Real Estate SPA
Building project: MDB Architettura - Milan
Plant designer: Studio Impianti Tecnologici Rossi Per. Ind.Tranquillo - Casnigo (BG)