Apartment and homeoffice

Feltre - Belluno, Italy
Apartment and homeoffice
Split System - MULTISplit Cristallo
Year 2019


Apartment and homeoffice

The MULTISplit system has proved to be the ideal system for smartworking, ensuring the right temperature all year round in the condominium apartment with centralized system.

The challenge

In 2019 the young couple of owners decided to install an air conditioning system in their 110 m2 apartment, which dates back to the 60s and is served by a centralized condominium heating system, in order to cool the living area, in particular the living room, where they spend most of the day, and the sleeping area.

The solution

To meet the needs, a MULTISplit Cristallo system was chosen with an external unit positioned on the terrace of the living room and two internal units respectively in the 30 m2 living room and in the corridor of the sleeping area.
The unit is in energy class A +++ and is equipped with a Wifi connection for remote management.

The results

In these 4 years, the installed system has fully satisfied not only the summer cooling needs, but also heating needs. The owners have in fact realized that using the split to heat they spent much less than using the central heating system and had greater comfort, managing to heat large spaces like the living room in a short time.

The owner's comment

“Since we installed our Cristallo until to day, the family has grown and the split proved to be very useful even during the night. But the biggest benefit I had during the lock-down and in this year of smartworking, when I had to transform the living room into my office, because it allowed me to work with the temperature I wanted all day, in summer, in autumn and in winter. Also very convenient is the App that allows us to turn on the splits and set the room temperature from our smartphone, allowing us to go home and find it at the right temperature every time we go out of town. "

Units insatalled

MULTISplit Cristallo