PORSCHE Service Center
Padua – Italia
Service Center
Packaged – CSRT-XHE2 + MONOSplit Cristallo
Year 2020



Porsche Service Center Padua East
Verardini S.r.l.

The Porsche Center Padova Est, which has been part of the official Porsche service network since 2000, combines technical excellence in service and courtesy typical of the official Porscheservice network, with the knowledge and direct relationship with each customer.

The challenge

In 2019, the property decided to improve the comfort and quality of the air inside the workshop to increase the safety and health of its employees.

Another requirement was to increase environmental sustainability and reduce the costs of heating, cooling and air renewal of workshop air.

PORSCHE PD - system

The solution

The solution chosen by the installer, MA.PRO.TEC. of Chiampo (VI), for the air conditioning of the workshop is an air-cooled heat pump autonomous rooftop system for small and medium-sized rooms with medium crowding Clivet CLIVETPack2 (CSRN-XHE2), CSRN-XHE2 25.4, equipped with section fan for all recirculation, device for reducing the consumption of the fans of the external section, room temperature control through on board probes, electronic expansion valves, high efficiency F7 air filter, compressor gradual start-up device, electronic wall-mounted room control.

The comfort of the annexed office is guaranteed by a Split Cristallo system with low GWP R32 refrigerant in class A++ in cold and A+ in hot, equipped with Wi-Fi kit for remote management with NetHome Plus application for Android and iOS.

The results

The new air conditioning system guarantees maximum comfort both in the workshop and in the offices, while ensuring maximum energy efficiency with a consequent reduction in management costs and environmental impact for this excellent service center.

il team - PORSCHE Padova

The team

Ownership: Verardini S.r.l. – Padua (PD)

Plant design and installation: MA.PRO.TEC. srl - Chiampo (VI)

Clivet products
  • 1 Air-cooled heat pump autonomous Roof Top at high efficiency CSRN-XHE2 25.4

  • 1 SINGLESplit system with wall mounted indoor unit CRISTALLO