MONOSplit performance data tables

Tabulazioni con le prestazioni al variare delle temperature esterna ed interna dei sistemi MONOSplit: forniscono i valori di Potenza in Raffrescamento (Totale e Sensibile), in Riscaldamento e Assorbita.
Stelvio R-32
Schiara R-32
Cristallo - Essential 2 R-32

MULTISplit / Light Commercial performance data tables

Tabulations with the performance at variation of external and internal temperatures of the MULTISplit systems (outdoor unit operation combined with 100% indoor units) and Light Commercial: supply the values of Power in Cooling (Total and Sensitive), Heating and Absorbed.
MULTISplit - OUTDOOR UNIT-SM R-32 (100% IDU combination)
Light Commercial - BOX-SL 2 650x650
Light Commercial - BOX-SL 2 950x950
Light Commercial - CONSOLE-SL 2
Light Commercial - DUCT-SL 2
Light Commercial - CEILING & FLOOR-SL 2

ErP - Energy related Products

Directive came into force for all heating and hot water products as far as for systems composed from the combination of different equipment.
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Conto Termico 2.0

Valid for Italy only.

Energetic requalification

Valid only for Italy

UNI TS 11300

Valid only for Italy

Piemonte regulation

Valid only for Italy