In this area you can find the instruments for the selection, design and offer of Clivet systems.

Conto Termico 2.0 - Incentive for Italian territory only

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ELFOAir Configurator

It allows the automatical selection of all components required to ELFOFresh EVO, ELFOFresh2 and ELFOPack air distribution, generating a detailed list of components to be ordered.
The worksheet also allows to check if the available head of ELFOFresh EVO, ELFOFresh2 and ELFOPack fans is able to overcome the pressure drops of the selected ducting.
It is also present a guide that illustrates the use of the selection program and a file that includes DWG drawings of all ELFOAir components, useful for the realization of the executive project

Calculate the aeraulic distribution of ELFOFresh EVO, ELFOFresh2 and ELFOPack

Efficienza equivalente ELFOFresh EVO and ELFOFresh2

ELFOFresh2 is a thermodynamic heat pump recovery.
The worksheet allows the calculation of the equivalent efficiency to a traditional recovery to be put in the building certification software.

Download the Calculation Worksheet