Cities trapped by pollution

Fine particles and health risks

In winter there is a sharp increase in pollution, not only in the air but also indoor areas such as in our homes, offices, schools and shopping centers.

What are the main causes of this phenomenon?

  • the use of inefficient heating systems;
  • the high and uncontrolled production of industries, agricultural and zootechnical activities;
  • environmental factors (rainfall decrease, low temperatures and humidity increase);
  • the larger number of vehicles on the roads

All these activities lead to an increase in carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and fine dust, which can cause serious damage to human health if you inhale them for a prolonged period of time.

Why can fine particles be dangerous to human health?

The fine particles, also known as airborne particulates, are made of micro-particles capable of absorbing toxic gases and vapors and, if inhaled, can easily reach our lungs and blood. Several studies have shown that fine particles are one of the primary causes of respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, and cancer.
The children growth, in particular, is seriously endangered by polluted air, which can cause the irritation to eyes, nose and throat, headache and sense of fatigue.

According to a recent research published in The Lancet, Italy is the first country in Europe for the number of premature victims due to exposure to fine particles, followed by Germany, France and The United Kingdom.

Why is important to replace old air conditioning systems?

Obsolete air conditioning systems such as boilers, stoves and fireplaces are responsible for the production of almost 60% of the fine dust, which also easily reach the indoor areas where we spend most of our time.

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To cope with this problem it is recommended to:

  • replace old systems by installing efficient air conditioning systems;
  • carry out a correct and regular maintenance;

The impact of fine dust affects everyone closely, so it is important to adopt measures to contain emissions not only in the open air, but also indoor where most of the day is spent.

Clivet solutions

Clivet proposes different solutions and efficient systems that aim at quality and sustainability. They can:

  • improve air quality
  • allow you to receive advantageous tax credit
  • contain consumption

All the innovative Clivet solutions are made with the aim of reducing consumption, with total respect for the environment.

To reduce and eliminate pollution in indoor environments, Clivet offers two types of solutions:

For the residential sector: ELFOFresh EVO

ELFOFresh EVO is one unit ideal for having fresh and clean air at home. The harmful elements present in the outside air are eliminated thanks to the exclusive filtration system active also on ultra-thin powders and nano powders.
It is a highly efficient system that increases the value of the house and its energy class up to A+.

For the commercial: Zephir3

Zephir3 is the air renewal unit with active thermodynamic recovery that extracts the stale air and purifies the fresh air through high efficiency electronic filters, able to act on nanoparticles, PM10, bacteria and pollen.

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