Air renewal and purification is fundamental for people well-being

Having clean air in the places where we live, work and spend our free time is therefore a fundamental element for our health. Clivet offers a complete range of systems for air renewal and purification, equipped with thermodynamic recovery of the energy contained in the exhaust air and electronic filters active on fine dust, viruses, bacteria.

Fresh air at home, saving energy and money

ELFOFresh EVO with air flow from 35 to 89 l/s ensures clean air in residential buildings.

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All the primary air in a packaged system with thermodynamic energy recovery

ZEPHIR3 revolutionizes the primary air, because it integrates the entire plant in a single autonomous system with thermodynamic energy recovery. It is the ideal solution for new buildings and requalification. Air flow rate from 278 to 3900 l/s.

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ZEPHIR3: All the primary air in a packaged system with thermodynamic energy recovery, learn more...

ELFOFresh Large
Energy saving and air quality for light commercial applications

ELFOFresh Large with air flow rate from 330 to 920 l/s grants the ideal air exchange rates in shops and offices.

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Systems that maximize the return of investment


Attention to the environment for sustainable comfort


All the components necessary for perfect operation are integrated in the units.


More value for users and building