It's not nature, but close.

The heat pump is the second most natural solution for your climate
because it uses the heat available in the environment to optimize your living comfort.

Through energy that looks to the future.

With Clivet Smart Living, the heat pump becomes part of an integrated system to manage the comfort and energy of your home in a natural, intelligent way.
An innovative synergy to improve the quality of your life.


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Heat pumps 

An efficient innovation for heating, cooling, and hot water production.
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Air renewal and
purification system

An essential solution to purify the air and eliminate harmful agents.

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Clivet Sinergy

The energy accumulator connectable to your home's solar panels.

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HID-TSmart thermostat

To control and customize the climate of your home at any time.
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Control4 NRG

The assistant for a smart management of comfort and energy.

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Room terminals

Elegant and quiet solutions to distribute air across the rooms of your home.
30 years ago...
30 years ago, we had today's world in mind.

30 years ago, we had today's world in mind.


In 1989, we bet on heat pumps.

Today we bring this technology directly to your home, integrating it into a complete and innovative system.

Decades later, our belief is still the same: Clivet was born to help you live better.

All you need to know about the Clivet Smart Living system.


    Moving to the Smart Living system is very simple and you don't need to do it all at once. The system is modular and can be implemented over time. 

    It is in fact a complete system that includes:

    • heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water production
    • air renewal and purification system
    • efficient and design ambient terminals 
    • storage battery with inverter to store excess energy produced by photovoltaic panels and make it available when the photovoltaic system is unable to generate it
    • intelligent thermostats
    • air quality probes
    • energy assistant to coordinate all elements and optimize comfort and energy consumption
    • App to manage your system from your smartphone and also keep an eye on available energy and consumption

    The heat pump technology, on which Clivet Smart Living is based, is a green solution. In fact, heat pumps do not produce heat by burning fuels, as is the case with boilers, but transfer it from the outdoor environment to the indoor environment (vice versa in summer), using 75% to 100% renewable energy. 

    From an economical point of view, installing a heat pump is advantageous, because the energy produced in the form of heat or cold air by a heat pump is up to 4 to 5 times higher than the electrical energy used, resulting in savings on the bill.

    Finally, by installing a photovoltaic system in combination with Sinergy storage, it is possible to aspire to energy independence for our homes, freeing us from energy cost fluctuations imposed by the market.

    Finally, by choosing a heat pump we reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to improving air quality and reducing the greenhouse effect.

    Heat pump systems make it possible to satisfy comfort needs all year round: heating in winter, cooling in summer and domestic hot water all year round.

    The wide range of split, monobloc or built-in heat pumps, with integrated or external tanks, full electric and hybrid heat pumps of the Smart Living system meet every need from an architectural and installation point of view, even in the most challenging climatic situations.

    There are different forms of incentives/tax deductions for the installation of a heat pump, which allow lower initial costs and a faster return on investment

    The Smart Living system is a modular system so that you have the possibility to implement it over time.

    Want to switch to Smart Living or ask us a question? 

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