The air distribution system for ELFOFresh EVO
  • it is installed in false ceilings and underfloors and it allows the emissions and extraction of air from rooms through simply and imperceptible design air suctions. 
  • flexible installation thanks to the use of flexible and usable ducts.
  • maximum air quality thanks to antistatic and antibacterial ducts;
  • Homogenous air diffusion thanks to the special diffusers AIRJET.

Antistatic and antibacterial

The inner surface of the flexible ducts is lined with a special plastic film treated with silver ions that provides excellent antistatic and antibacterial properties and guarantees top hygiene levels of the treated air.
Furthermore the internal smooth surface of the ducts ensures low pressure drops and therefore reduces consumptions for ventilation.

Technical features

  • Plug&play connection that makes the system with a quick and easy installation 
  • Special induction diffusers for a homogeneous temperature in the whole the room
  • Wide accessories range for each installation request