Clivet Eye


Clivet Eye

Clivet Eye is the Cloud-based monitoring system for the remote management of Clivet Applied and Residential air conditioning, heating, air renewal and domestic hot water production Units and Systems through smartphone, tablet and PC.

The benefits for Service

  • Improvement of customer service
  • In-depth remote analysis limiting the need to intervene on site
  • Faster and more effective interventions thanks to the timely notification of anomalous operations
  • Analysis of the historical operating conditions

The benefits for Sales Network

  • Promote the units sale
  • Warranty extension included in the service
  • Additional help to the sale of maintenance contracts
  • Monitoring of performance and operating conditions via mobile
  • NEW! Extra functions to be offered to the end user: such as the possibility to program the operating conditions via calendar (switch-on, switch-off of set point, etc)


Clivet Eye Kit: the components

The kit includes:

•    i-Mobile / i-Link: hardware (GSM or Ethernet connectable versions)
•    Clivet Eye: software (Web Dashboard and App)
•    Visio: license

Each license has a minimum one year validity, is renewable and can be linked with one Clivet unit.

Who needs it?

The remote management of air conditioning, heating, air renewal and domestic hot water Systems is an important working tool dedicated to: 

  • Clivet local partners
  • Plant managers
  • End Users

What does it allow to do?

Technical Service Center and Plant administrator:

  • All the facilities in the area always under eye.
  • Quick check of the operating conditions of the system and modification of its operating settings without the need to go on field.
  • Remote check of anomalies for more efficient interventions and less on field activities
  • Reset of minor alarms.
  • Analysis of the historical operating conditions.
  • Optimize the functioning of the system.
  • Scheduling of the operating conditions through the calendar (switch on, switch off set point, etc.).

End User:

  • Easy system control via App.
  • Promptly report of any malfunctions to the Service Center.

Check with your Clivet representative the compatibility of your systems with Clivet Eye.

Sistema Clivet Eye

How does it work?

To remotely manage your system with Clivet Eye you just need an internet connection and a computer / tablet / smartphone. How?

  • From computer: access
  • From tablet / smartphone: open the Clivet Eye App

Clivet Eye dashboard

From computer (Web Dashboard)

All units are visible on a geographical map and can be managed through specific dashboards that allow to view and modify parameters and events, reset potential alarms, directly analyze the historical data via graph or export them for in-depth analysis.
It is also possible, via calendar, to program the operating conditions of the unit.

Ideal for:

  • Technical Service Centers
  • Plant administrators

App Clivet Eye

In a simplified mode, control of the operating conditions of the unit via App, for the management of base settings, events view and operating data graphs *.

Ideal for:

  • End Users
  • Technical Service Centers
  • Plant administrators

(*) The functionality visibility of Web Dashboard and App depends on the licence type.

All Systems at a glance

With Clivet Eye all the Clivet Systems located throughout the territory, even if they are of different types, can be monitored. 
The Clivet Eye geographic map allows a quick, constant and real-time supervision of all the Systems, highlighting in a simple and intuitive way the operating status. 
The event notifications promptly warn of any System malfunction.

USER Visio

Simplified management by end user:

  • ON-OFF Management / Set-point / Heating and Cooling Mode
  • Events / alarms display
  • “Basic” unit status and graphic visibility
  • ON-OFF scheduling

TECH Visio

Monitoring by Clivet Technical Service Centre:

  • USER Visio functions
  • Remote visualisation and modification of the main parameters
  • Remote alarm reset


Monitoring by After Sales Clivet:

  • USER Visio and TECH Visio functions
  • Remote visualization and modification of all parameters


A license is required for each Clivet unit you want to monitor.

Check with your Clivet representative the compatibility of your systems with Clivet Eye.

Learn more

For further information, download the documentation from clivet.World or try the Demo version of the Clivet Eye App: 

  1. Download the App or access the Dashboard in 
  2. Enter the login credentials: 
    User: Guest@Guest
    Password: Guest123!