Clivet combines the best technology with an excellent product quality and performance certification system

The innovation for which Clivet has always stood out, is supported by an industrial framework that has adopted the standards envisaged by ISO 9001, since 1996, guaranteeing a quality management system designed to control company processes so that they are targeted at improving the efficacy and efficiency of the organization, as well as at client satisfaction.

An obvious choice for a company that aims for excellence in its service to clients.


Quality engineering and production standards

With the aim of providing Customer satisfaction, Clivet S.p.A. has supplemented and certified its Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems, in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 International Standards.

  certificato ISO 9001 2015 Italiano

  certification ISO 9001 2015 English

  certificato ISO 14001 Italiano

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  certificato ISO 45001 Italiano

  certification ISO 45001 English

ERP Energy related Products

The wide range of Clivet products and complete systems comply with the requirements of the implementing measures for Directives 2009/125/EC (ErP-Energy related Products) and 2010/30/EU (Energy labelling), whose purpose is to reduce the energy consumption of products for heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water production, encouraging the user towards energy-efficient choices.

Safety standards

Clivet products comply with applicable product directives, as required in all EU countries, in order to guarantee an appropriate level of safety.

An "EC Declaration of Conformity" is issued for every product in relation to the following directives:

  • 2006/42/EC "Machinery Directive"

  • 2014/30/UE "Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive"

  • 2014/68/UE "Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)"


Eurovent Certification Programmes

The Eurovent Certification Programmes aim to create a shared group of product classification criteria.

Consultants, those responsible for specific aspects and users can choose products in the assurance that the catalogue data is accurate.

The comparison between product performances, with tests conducted by third parties on the basis of clearly defined procedures, ensures strong and healthy competition on a market open to all manufacturers.

Clivet participates in the “Liquid Chilling Packages and Heat Pumps”, "Air Handling Units" and "VRF" Certification programmes. The products concerned feature in the EUROVENT guide to certified products and on the website The programmes apply to water chillers up to 1500 kW, to air handling units, and to VRF up to 100kW.

  AHU - AQX - Valid Until 30-06-2019

  VRF Diploma Valid Until 30-09-2019

  RT Diploma Valid Until 30-06-2019

  LCP Diploma - Valid until 30-09-2019

Heat Pump KeyMark


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  SWAN 190

  SWAN 300


Microgeneration Certification Scheme (United Kingdom)

  EDGE (WSAN-XMi) 31, 41, 61 (1Ph), 81 (1Ph) + WSAN-XIN 41


(Australia & New Zealand)

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Certified units: SPHERA (SRHM + MDAN-XMi); ELFOEnergy Edge (WSAN-XMi); ELFOEnergy Ground (WSHN-EE).