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Clivet introduces a new series of ventilation units in combination with VRF systems, composed of a cross-flow enthalpic heat recovery ventilator and a direct expansion coil available in two sizes from 500 m3/h to 1000 m3/h.

Thus, in addition to air exchange similarly to HRV series, HRV-DX unit is able to supply also a part of thermal load. 


Main features

Bioxigen purifying air system equipped as standard 

F9 filters on supply section and G3 on exhaust section

3 speeds DC fan motor 

Electric pre-heater available as accessory for cold climate applications 

Free cooling bypass

• Return air temperature control 

• Wired controller included 

• Perfectly integrated in VRF lineup and manageable via centralized controllers or BMS 

• Simplified installation same as an ordinary VRF duct indoor unit