Навигационные полоски

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Clivet создала новые помещения, предназначенные для учебной школы, Университета Clivet, с более чем 500 комнатами для практических и теоретических занятий, где профессионалы могут тестировать системы Clivet, работающие в реальных условиях.
Нажмите здесь, чтобы загрузить брошюру и календарь университета Кливет


Нажмите здесь, чтобы загрузить брошюру и календарь университета Кливет

  • Перечисленные программы обучения проводятся только на английском и итальянском языках
  • Программы обучения и детали описаны на языке курса
  • Итак, сначала вы должны выбрать язык обучения ниже

Навигационные полоски


Длительность: 8 Час(а)(ов)
Timing: 09:00 - 17:00
Place: Clivet Training Center Via Camp Lonc, 18 32032 Z.I. Villapaiera, Feltre BL
Price: free
Logistic: Coffee-break, lunch during the training day and documentation are offered by Clivet. Accommodation, travel, food, and other extras are not included and to be borne by each participant. Transfer from/to the airport (Treviso or Venice) at the beginning of the course and at the end of the course and from/to the hotel in Feltre are offered by Clivet. Please send your request to university@clivet.it Transfer in different dates or to Hotel not in Feltre must be paid by the participants.

SCREWline-i EVO, WDH-SB3 Technical insights, use and maintenance


Training goal

The training is intended for Authorized Assistance Centers  and proposes to deepen the knoweledge of the product, know how to set parameters according to the system, fully understand the logic of regulation, verify the correct operation by reading states, identify the causes of possible issues. 




  • Technical features
  • Options and accessories


  • Cooling, air and electric diagrams 
  • Regulation logics


  • Installation according to factory instructions
  • Commons installations problems/troubles

Start up

  • Checks before start up
  • Verify interaction between unit and system
  • Verify on the unit during first commissioning
  • Calibration of operational parameters and flow rates according to the system


  • Alarm list
  • Investigation on main failures and causes 
  • Examples


  • Ordinary preventive maintenance


Training execution

Part of the course take place in classrom and part in a pratical workshop. Participiants are required to bring personal safety equipment (safety shoes, high visibility gilet).


Passing of the training

Final test and attendance certificate issuing


Location: Clivet Training Center Via Camp Lonc, 18 32032 Z.I. Villapaiera, Feltre (BL) Tel +39 0439 3131, mail info@clivet.it  

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