Single house with wood stove and heat pump for DHW

Arsiè - Belluno, Italy
Single house
AQUA heat pump for domestic hot water
Year 2018


Single house with wood stove and heat pump for DHW

Domestic hot water with the AQUA class A + heat pump combined with photovoltaics to eliminate the boiler and save money.

The building and the challenge

Due to the high management and maintenance costs, in 2018 a family of 4 people owner of a single house of 200 m2 with high thermal insulation, heated by a wood stove, decided to eliminate the oil boiler, which was used only to produce the domestic hot water.

The solution

In the laundry room, a Clivet AQUA 300 liter heat pump boiler was installed, combined with a 4.6 kW photovoltaic system.

AQUA Arsie

The results explained by the owner

“Replacing the boiler with the heat pump we have managed not only to completely eliminate the costs of diesel oil and the annual maintenance of the boiler, but thanks to the photovoltaic system we have even managed to halve the electricity bills, despite the fact that this bill includes now also the consumption of the heat pump for the domestic hot water production."

Clivet units installed

AQUA SWAN 300 heat pump for domestic hot water