A solution for every home

Clivet offers a range of solutions for every type of house or for condominiums, stand-alone or centralised systems and for different requirements:

  • NEW BUILDINGS: solutions designed to be fully integrated into every house setup, optimised for the highest efficiency and for silent operation, but also for the lowest possible consumption.
  • RENOVATIONS: solutions designed to upgrade existing house systems.
  • REPLACEMENTS: solutions designed to update old generators without modifying the system, using state-of-the-art products that require similar overall dimensions and no significant masonry works.

For new systems and renovations Complete system for comfort

Solution for new systems and renovations that provide total comfort thanks to the installation of a complete system consisting of 4 elements:

  • a heat pump for heating, cooling and the production of domestic hot water. It can be installed on its own or combined with:
  • a unit for air renewal and purification
  • a unit for heating and cooling distribution in the various rooms
  • a control for easy management over the entire system even via the APP
  • preparation for solar or photovoltaic panels.

This solution ensures high comfort levels. Based on the different kinds of heat pump you can combine, you have solutions suitable for the various types of house.

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The most versatile solution for SPLIT air conditioning and heating and hot water heat pump

Clivet offers a range of MONO and MULTISplit solutions which, combined with the AQUA heat pump for domestic hot water production, provides:

They are particularly suitable for Mediterranean climates where the need for air conditioning prevails over heating.

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Centralised systems in condominiums

Depending on the type of distribution system, there are different solutions:


ELFOEnergy Magnum HW, LFOEnergy Magnum HW, the high temperature heat pump that enables the production of hot water up to 65°C.


For new condominiums or for renovations where hot or chilled water distribution via radiant panels or fan coils is required, Clivet offers LFOEnergy Storm EVO and Sheen EVO 2.0. Both can manage up to 16 units in a local area network, creating a modular thermal power plant that fulfils all the building’s thermal demands.

ELFOEnergy Storm EVO also saves space due to its modular design.


Essential for people’s health and adequate indoor air quality.
For condominiums, Clivet offers air renewal and purification systems with active thermodynamic recovery, full inverter technology and electronic filters; centralised with Zephir3 and decentralised with ELFOFresh EVO.

These systems, using thermodynamic recovery, neutralise the fresh air load, contributing in part to heating or cooling the rooms. This makes it possible to reduce the size of the thermal power plant.

Best practice for residential

 Private house in Feltre with Split and Energy Storage

Private house in Feltre with Split and Energy Storage

Feltre, Belluno - Italy
System: Split + Sinergy
Year 2023

 The Space Cerro Maggiore

The Space Cerro Maggiore

Cerro Maggiore, Milan – Italy
Revamping of Multiplex Cinema with 11 screens in 2009
System: Packaged
Year 2023

 Private single family house in Dettenheim

Private single family house in Dettenheim

Dettenheim - Karlsruhe, Germany
Private single family house
Split System - MULTISplit Cristallo
Year 2022

 Private villa

Private villa

Millesimo, Savona, Italy
Private villa
System: Hydronic - Sphera EVO
Year: 2021

 Barl’lo Project

Barl’lo Project

Bornem, Belgium
Residential complex
System: Hydronic – Geothermal heat pumps with water-circuit change over
Year: 2021

 Private house Feltre

Private house Feltre

Seren del Grappa  - Belluno, Italy
Single house
Hydronic system: SPHERA EVO
Year: 2020-2021