Heat pumps for domestic hot water
  • Advanced connectivity: management via the App or via the Modbus port with Control4 NRG included as standard;
  • standard supplied with electronic anode, Smart Grid and Photovoltaic contacts;
  • standard version or with solar integration for combination with ELFOSun3;
  • operation with heat pump only with the outdoor air between -7 °C and 43 °C;
  • market-leading A+ efficiency class.

Reliable all year round

AQUA Plus transforms the renewable energy in the air into heat to be used to increase the temperature of the domestic hot water in the storage tank. This is done with minimal use of electricity, so much so that it boasts the market-leading A+ efficiency class.
The total heating capacity available (1.6 kW or 2.2 kW heat pump and 1.5 kW additional heater) means that hot water can always be produced in the best possible way.
Operation with renewable energy alone, which for even more virtuous operations can be enhanced by the contribution of ELFOSun3 solar collectors, is guaranteed in practically all climates: between -7 °C and 43 °C. In extreme conditions, the production of hot water continues in combination with the electric heater with the outdoor air down to -20 °C.

Technical features
  • Water temperature up to 70 °C;
  • Available with gas R134a;
  • Air temperature range from -20 °C to +43 °C
  • Avaible double exchanger version to integrate with ELFOSun3.