Save money and respect the environment: Clivet solutions

Climate change involves everyone: governments, industries and the entire world population. Making the right choices, it is possible to safeguard the Planet, breathe clean air and save money: discover some solutions and new habits that can help to improve the quality of life of the entire population.

The main sources of air pollution

  • traffic
  • industrial and craft processes, which produce nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants
  • intensive farming
  • domestic heating

As far as the last factor is concerned, it is known that heating systems pollute as much as cars due to carbon dioxide and fine dust emissions. Fireplaces and stoves have the primacy.

Secondly there are all the old heating systems that should be replaced with new ones, which, in addition to heating effectively and comfortably, can help the environment and families’ piggy-bank.


How can we optimize heating?

Regardless of the choice of the systems, there are several devices that can optimize heating efficiency and control the amount of energy produced, for example:

  • set the temperatures according to the rooms of the house: the optimal temperature in those most exploited is 20°C, while in other rooms it can be lowered of some degrees. Following this simple advice, there will be a reduction in the bill of 5-7%.
  • for systems with radiators, keep the radiators always clean: the accumulation of dust produces an insulating effect with the consequent reduction of the system efficiency.
  • avoid placing any type of object in front of (and above) radiators or fan coils, for example wooden shelves or sofas.

How can we cut down casts and pollution?

In addition to these valuable tips, today there are numerous solutions to heat your home reducing the bill and contributing to environmental protection. In the last years, technology has made enormous progress: one example is energy-saving heat pumps and modern management systems.

Installing these modern systems you can:
- eliminate local CO2 emissions associated with combustion, which are harmful to our health and to the climate
- exploit renewable energies 
- reduce primary energy consumption and costs

Clivet solutions

Clivet offers various solutions for heating, cooling, air renewal and purification, both for individual houses and for condominiums.

All these systems meet the principles of environmental protection and money saving.

Discover the solution that best suits your needs