Clivet Air conditionning for shops: comfort and air renewal.


Application: McArthur Glen in Serravalle Scrivia

McArthur Glen, Designer Outlet, Serravalle Scrivia - Alessandria:
51.500 mq, 300 among the best fashion brands, bars and restaurants, children’s play
Packaged System
Year 2016

The packaged system, with the highest comfort and efficiency technologies, allowed the energy consumption reduction up to 50% than traditional solutions, satisfying the demanding energy certification standards of Piedmont.

The electronic filtration with H10 equivalent efficiency active on viruses, bacteria and fine dust grants maximum comfort and pure air in the shops.

The very high efficiency of the innovative cooling circuit, optimized for operation at partial loads, the free-cooling, the standard energy recovery on units with exhaust air, the electronic low pressure drop filters and the intelligent ventilation air management make a drastic reduction in energy consumption up to 50% compared to a traditional solution. In this way it improves the building energy performance and its value, reducing CO2 emissions with benefit for the environment.


"The high efficiency of SMARTPack contributed to match
the demanding energy certification standards of Piedmont"

Discover the installation 

The perfect solution for Light Commercial is
the SMARTPACK Packaged system

The experience of a tested system

Over 20 years of experience in packaged systems, a range from 13 to 50 kW with specialized units for the all year round air conditioning, in areas with different air renewal needs, different applications and dimensions, assures the 360° comfort and the fresh air in small and medium commercial surfaces.

The advantages in the installation of a PACKAGED system

The packaged system is based on “all in one” units, which include all system elements. 
It adapts to the different requirements of air conditioning and plant conditions.
The cooling energy required for air conditioning is locally produced and transferred to the rooms by a suitable air distribution and diffusion system with ducts and diffusion terminals (nozzles, anemostats, etc.).
It enables intelligent use of energy and maximum comfort, transforming commercial space into an oasis of sustainable well-being thanks to:

  • Decentralization and simplification: each store is served by its own packaged unit, easy to install and maintain
  • Consumption optimization: Freecooling technology allows to balance the heat of the lights by intelligently using the outside air
  • Perfect whole year round air conditioning: air quality, humidity level, temperature control

Other Clivet solutions for the light commercial

Enhanced hydronic system

The enhanced hydronic system is based on the use of water as a heat transfer fluid and consists of one or more chillers/heat pumps with one or more terminals. Air treatment is entrusted to autonomous units with electronic filtration and active thermodynamic recovery.

VRF system

The cooling or heating energy required for air conditioning is produced for the whole building, and then distributed in the rooms using refrigerant gas as a vector fluid. The necessary air renewal is entrusted to autonomous outdoor air units equipped with active thermodynamic recovery and electronic filtration.

Direct expansion

A full range of individual direct expansion systems for each business area: Mono-split, Multi-split, Lightcom-split, POWERDuct, including an innovative line with R32 refrigerant. Both source and use side, direct expansion systems are based on the direct heat exchange between refrigerant and environment.

Best practice for Light Commercial



Alessandria  - Italy
Outlet Village, 51.500 mq
Packaged + Split system
Year 2016



Noventa di Piave, VE - Italy
Outlet Village, 55 shops
Split System
Year 2009