VRF system

The VRF system is the direct expansion solution for year round conditioning of residential and commercial buildings, hotels and offices.
Both source and user side, is based on the direct heat exchange between refrigerant and environment.
The system terminals, i.e. the outdoor units, constitute a part of the refrigeration circuit:
- the evaporator in summer operating, the condenser in winter operating.
- the vector fluid is the refrigerant itself.
The air renewal is is entrusted to an air handling unit powered by a chiller.

Clivet has developed and improved this solution, by developing the ENHANCED VRF SYSTEM.

Discover the Enhanced VRF 

Why choose the VRF system


EER up to 4 and COP up to 5 for outdoor units EER up to 3.9 and COP up to 4 for indoor units thanks to inverter compressors and fans, large exchange areas, precise temperature control.


The VRF system is able to meet the conditioning requests from the small to the large building, thanks to: wide range of capacities, from 8HP to 88HP, wide range of indoor units, high length of the refrigerant lines. The operation is extended to -20°C and +48°C.


Increased system life thanks to the compressor operation balancing. In systems with more external modules, the system operation is guaranteed even in case of failure of one of the components. 5 control steps guarantee the correct oil level of the outdoor unit.


Easy installation thanks to a simplified wiring and an automatic addressing of the indoor units. Easy maintenance from electrical panel that can be rotated of 150°, easy inspection of the compressor and of the refrigeration circuit main parts, self-diagnosis function.

The system's elements

Outdoor units

Genera l’energia termica e frigorifera adeguata per soddisfare le esigenze degli ambienti serviti.
Un’ampia gamma di unità esterne: dotate di tecnologia inverter, ventilatori ad alta efficienza elevate prestazioni di scambio termico:
- Serie Mini VRF con potenze da 8 a 45 kW
- Serie VRF M5-X con potenze da 25 a 250KW

Indoor units

12 series of indoor units for a total of over 100 models to meet the conditioning requests of many applications, including shopping malls, hospitals, offices, hotels and apartments.

HRV air renewal

The air renewal units with heat recovery allow the air renewal minimizing the energy consumption and the temperature fluctuations.

Control and supervision

Infrared remote controls, wired controls, centralized controls and supervisors, supervisory system of the various elements.

Best practices



St. Pietroburgo, Russia
66.881 seats
VRF System


Volgograd, Russia
45.568 seats
VRF System


Barcelona  - Spain
Municipal building of equipment
Packaged and VRF System
Year 2010