null SCREWLine3-i liquid chiller

screwline3-i screw inverter chiller

Feltre (Belluno)

SCREWLine 3-i (WDAT-iL3) is the air cooled liquid chiller with full inverter technology, R-134a refrigerant and capacity up to 1286 kW.

The full inverter technology on both screw compressors results in a valuable and effective choice both in terms of capital investment and running cost:

Capacity modulation performed by both compressors
 follows the load also with a great staging;
 supplies only the necessary energy without fluctuations of electric power input;
 offers a high seasonal energy efficiency;
 stabilizes the supplied water temperature;
 distributes the compressors operating hours uniformly;
 ensures a null starting current;
 drastically reduces sound levels at partial loads;
 reduces overall dimensions thanks to the inverter directly integrated into the compressor.

Further strengths
 Wide operating range
Wide range up to +50°C of external air temperature at partial load and possibility to operate down to -18°C of external air temperature.
 Perfect for LEED
SCREWLine3-i satisfies prerequisites 2 and 3 of Energy and Environment thematic area  (size 250.2÷400.2, 440.2, 540.2 e 580.2). Furthermore, it matches the parameters of Credit 4 that allows to achieve 2 points (Leed 2009). The correlated data are included in the technical bulletin.
 Already complies with 2021 requirements
The Commission Regulation 2281:2016, also known as Ecodesign LOT 21, sets minimum seasonal efficiency levels to place products on the European market, effective from 1st January 2018. The minimum seasonal efficiency levels will further increase from 2021 (Tier 2). SCREWLine3-i today is already compliant to both requirements.

Even more competitive
New models are supplied with AC fans with electronic speed regulation (phase cutting). This solution guarantees high performance with greater economic competitiveness. Ecobreeze fans (EC) and Axitop diffusers are available as accessories.


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