Covivio Wellio Milan Duomo

Milan, Italy
Hydronic System WDAN-iK4 MF 
Year: 2021-2022

Air conditioning for business centres

Wellio Milan Duomo - Comfort and savings for the second Italian site of the pro-working network Wellio by Covivio.

Located in Via Unione, a few steps from the Duomo, Wellio Milan Duomo is the second Italian site of the pro-working network Wellio by Covivio, conceived to offer a new working experience to professionals looking for flexibility and high standards in working conditions. 
The newly refurbished old building will host 500 flexible workstations with plug & play offices that can be customised in terms of design and layout, meeting rooms and common areas, such as the bar space, break areas and outdoor spaces. 

The challenge
Maximum comfort for the professional guests of the Wellio spot had to be combined with respect for the environment and maximum energy savings.

In order to guarantee the right temperature at any time in the entire site, it was necessary to take into account the different air conditioning requirements due to the different exposure of the offices, with simultaneous need for heating in some areas and air cooling in others.

The solution and the results
The solution chosen was a multifunctional heat pump with full inverter technology equipped with a screw compressor capable of simultaneously and independently producing hot and chilled water with high seasonal efficiency, meeting the simultaneous heating and cooling requirements typical of these large buildings. 
The Clivet SCREWline4-i (WDAN-iK4 MF) solution, capable of supplying cooling capacity and at the same time heating capacity in the various rooms of the building, allows in the seasons when the demand for cooling is prevalent to use the thermal capacity as heat recovery and therefore completely free of charge. Vice versa, when the main demand is for heating, chilled water is available without having to produce it independently from a separate generator.

In this way, comfort is guaranteed throughout the building in all conditions, saving energy.

The results
The results from the energy point of view are proven by the fact that the building has achieved energy class A and will receive Leed Platinum certification.

The protagonists

  • Installer: Roger Group, Milan
  • Designer: STI Engineering
  • Clivet Agency: Pieracci, Milan
  • Property: Covivio
  • General Contractor: Biesse srl, Milano

Installed units
SCREWline4-i (WDAN-iK4 MF) 260.2