Nursing home Villa Fiorita
Capua, Caserta - Italy
Nursing home Villa Fiorita
Hydronic system
Year 2020




Exploitation of geothermal energy for summer and winter air conditioning of the “Villa Fiorita” clinic in Caserta

The Villa Fiorita clinic, inaugurated in 2005, is recognized as an excellence in Campania healthcare thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies it is equipped with, the attention to the patient that characterizes it, and the high levels of comfort and organization.

The challenge

In 2020 the property has decided to restructure the existing heating and cooling system equipped with a condensing heat pumps air and gas thermal groups, with the aim of:

  • increasing the efficiency of the system and consequently reducing management costs
  • satisfying the simultaneous and opposite needs of air conditioning and reduce the costs for the production of domestic hot water
  • simplifying the system and eliminating combustion gas emissions
  • making the system more silent
unit for hospital

The solution

The solution adopted is based on multifunction water-to-water geothermal heat pumps WSHN-XEE2 MF 80.2 for indoor installation with cascade operation, automatically piloted by the thermo-cooling energy required by the system. The heat pumps have a 4-pipe configuration to simultaneously meet the needs of hot water, chilled water and domestic hot water.

The results

The use of underground basins as a source of water exchange at a stable temperature has made it possible to increase the performance of the heat pumps compared to the existing system, reducing consumption and operating costs.
Also, having no fans, these units are extremely quiet.
Last but not least, the use of a single fully electric system for heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water production has made it possible to eliminate the natural gas central heating system increasing the ecology of the plant and decreasing the maintenance costs.
The final result is a reduction in consumption of over 60% compared to the previous system.

airconditioning installation

Technical features

KW installed: 840 KW (thermal)

Maximum cooling capacity: 270 kW

Maximum thermal capacity: 314 kW

Maximum thermal capacity in heat recovery: 280 kW


The team

Customer: Villa Fiorita S.p.a.
Plant design: LAV.EL. Power S.r.l. in cooperation with Studio Termotecnico S.a.S. of Saponaro Pietro
Installation: LAV.EL. Power S.r.l.
Clivet Agency: Nini Eugenio

Clivet units:

3 WSHN-XEE2 MF 80.2