Menotti-Filippo Perego Theater

Milan, Italy
Theater- Renovation
System: hydronic + Split + AHU
Year: 2021



The Menotti-Filippo Perego Theater in Milan, with over 50 years of theatrical history, 200 curtain raises and 70,000 spectators every year, is not just a production and programming center, but a space for experimentation and contamination.
At the end of 2019, this jewel was in danger of closing, but thanks to the intervention of the charitable Trust Filippo Perego di Cremnago onlus, of the Lombardy Region, of the Cariplo Foundation, of Costanza Fiani, of the companies belonging to the Cantiere Menotti, including Clivet, and of many other benefactors, it was rescued, completely renovated and reopened on June 7th 2021.
The renovation and modernization have enhanced and valorised the beauty of this historic place, also improving its usability, hosting an ever-wider audience. The new Menotti theatre will offer meeting spaces, a new multipurpose room, a brand new lighting system and a lounge area in a completely renovated entrance foyer.
All with an eye to environmental sustainability.
Clivet participated in the renovation by providing its systems for comfort and air quality.
The ELFOEnergy Edge EVO inverter heat pump with ecological R32 refrigerant, combined with 4 ELFODUCT MP room terminals, guarantees the right temperature all year round in the entrance, ticket office and multipurpose room.
The split system with R32 refrigerant and inverter technology heats and cools the Foyer.
The air quality of the theatre hall, mandatory from a regulatory point of view and particularly important in this pandemic period, is guaranteed by the AQX 25 air handling unit equipped with air flow regulation based on CO2 concentration.

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The results

The air conditioning systems introduced guarantee comfort and optimum air quality all year round, allow the elimination of local combustion gas emissions and, thanks to the high efficiency of the technologies used, permit to contain operating costs for a sustainable theatre not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic point of view.

The protagonists:

  • Designer: Nicola Damiani - AD Termotecnica Srl - Bergamo, Italy
  • Clivet agencies: Nava forniture industriali Srl - Bergamo, Italy - Alberto Pieracci sas - Milan, Italy

Clivet units installed

  • ELFOEnergy Edge EVO WSAN-YMi 141 heat pump
  • 4 ELFODUCT MP hydronic terminals -
  • Split Duct System SM - MC2-Y 120M + ID2-XY 140M
  • AQX25 air handling unit with regulation