Amilcare Ponchielli Theatre

Cremona- Italy
VRF System
Year 2021


Amilcare Ponchielli Theatre

the result of a series of construction, reconstruction, modifications, maintenance and restoration operations

The Amilcare Ponchielli Theatre, a privileged venue for city gatherings, is the result of a series of construction, reconstruction, modifications, maintenance, and restoration work that has lasted two hundred and fifty years. The historic structure is equipped with modern technical equipment, making it suitable for hosting not only shows but also cultural events.

Acquired by the Municipality in 1986, since 1989 the Ponchielli has undergone radical restoration, rehabilitation, and technological upgrading. Since 2003 the theatre has been managed by the Fondazione Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli.

The challenge

In 2021, the air-conditioning systems in the artists' building, consisting of dressing rooms for artists on the 1st and 2nd tier of boxes, dressing rooms for extras on the 3rd tier of boxes, and the choir room on the gallery level, were also upgraded.
The choir room is used both by the artists for rehearsals or vocal warm-ups and by dancers for warm-ups before performances.
The need was to be able to offer the artists maximum comfort and air quality, which has always been important for people's well-being but is essential in this time of pandemics. All of this with an eye to keeping running costs down.

The solution

The chosen system is an advanced VRF system with 2 MV6 outdoor units, equipped with inverter compressor with EVI injection technology able to modulate operation by up to 7%, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and savings, and 19 indoor units (wall-mounted, recessed floor, ductable installed in the false ceiling) equipped with flush controls, compact and silent, ensuring a temperature that is always homogeneous.
Air renewal and purification is entrusted to 10 HRV-DX active cross-flow recuperators with direct expansion coil for post heating/cooling and also equipped with the Bioxigen sanitisation module, which reproduces in indoor environments the disinfection phenomenon that occurs naturally outdoors, without chemical additives in a continuous and controlled manner. The Bioxigen® technology in fact releases active ions, continuously removing microbes present in the air and reducing specific volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the indoor environment and surfaces.
The entire system is managed by a CCM-270A centralised touch screen control system with a convenient and simple interface, which allows you to manage the timers daily, weekly or annually and schedule on/off, operating mode, temperature, fan speed, fin oscillation ... room by room. 
Finally, a multi-split system with ecological R32 refrigerant and two BOX-SM 2 cassette-type indoor units was installed to serve the stage control room.

The results

This solution made it possible to satisfy all the requirements expressed by the client, from the right temperature, to high air quality, to energy saving with a system that is easy to manage and sustainable from both an economic and environmental point of view.

The protagonists

  • Client: Amilcare Ponchielli Theatre Foundation
  • Municipality of Cremona
  • Designer: Studio Tecnico Ferrari Ing. Ivano e Marco, Cremona
  • Installer: STC Engineering, Pizzighettone (CR) 
  • System supplier: Aris Srl, Cremona
  • Clivet Agency: Climatec di Lorenzo La Vista E C., Lodi

Clivet Installed Units

A total of 107 kW

  • 2 Outdoor units VRF MV6-XMI 400T e 60T
  • 12 Wall indoor units GWMN-2-XMI
  • 4 Duct medium-pressure indoor units CNT2-2-XMI
  • 3 floor-standing built-in indoor units DZGF3B-2-XMI
  • 10 HRV-DX-2-XMI active cross-flow recuperators equipped with Bioxigen sanitization module
  • 14 wired controls
  • 1 centralized control CCM-270°/WS
  • 1 multisplit system MU1-Y 79M, n°2 IB2-XY 35M