Air-to-water hybrid split heat pump
SPHERA EVO 2.0 Hybrid

heating, cooling and domestic hot water production

  • combination of heat pump and boiler;
  • Hot water guaranteed with the utmost efficiency;
  • it does not disturb, very quiet;
  • Simultaneous operation and domestic hot water supply.
Technical features
  • Heat pump from 4 to 16 kW; boiler from 23 to 33 kW;
  • Eco-friendly: gas R 32;
  • 190L/250L DHW tank;
  • air temperature range from -25 °C to +43 °C;
  • water supply temperature: +75 °C.

Sphera EVO 2.0 Tower Hybrid can be used, in addition to traditional gas (Methane/LPG), with renewable sources such as air for heating and cooling and the sun for the production of domestic hot water.