Wall-mounted air-to-water hybrid heat pump

heating, cooling and domestic hot water production;

  • Ideal for replacing old systems while keeping existing radiators;
  • perfect for replacing a boiler: designed with similar overall dimensions;
  • 24 or 34 kW boiler to fulfil all requirements, with instant DHW production;
  • simultaneous heating and cooling operation and DHW supply;
  • connectivity and APP to keep the system under control.
The €/Switch function

SPHERA EVO 2.0 EASYHybrid Box has a function that can be selected directly from the interface, which makes it possible to calculate the resource (heat pump and/or boiler) that is able to fulfil the heat demand with the lowest economic cost in every operating condition. To use the €-Switch function, simply enter the cost per kWh of electricity and the cost per m³ of methane gas from the energy provider’s supply contract, and define the main type of terminals in the building (radiant panel, fan coil, radiator).

SPHERA EVO 2.0 EASYHybrid won the KLIMAHOUSE PRIZE 2022 in the Market Performance category!

SPHERA EVO 2.0 EASYHybrid has been recognised as the best sustainable and economical hybrid system to replace the boiler without problems, making use of existing spaces and systems. It is ideal for renovations and for the 110% Superbonus, fitting perfectly into the area of the old system. There are many accessories that can be combined to set up a neat central heating plant connected with renewable sources.

Technical features
  • Heat pump from 4 to 16kW and 24 or 34 kW boiler to fulfil all requirements, with instant DHW production;
  • eco-friendly: gas R 32;
  • range of air temperature from -25° C to +43 °C;
  • water supply temperature: 
    • +65 °C full electric
    • +80 °C hybrid