Semi-detached house in class A2 in Pedavena

Pedavena, Belluno - Italy
System: Smart Living - Sphera EVO 2.0 Hybrid + Sinergy + Control4 NRG
Year 2023

Air conditioning for residential

Semi-detached house in class A2

The semi-detached house built in 2000 goes up to class A2 thanks to the hybrid heat pump, combined with photovoltaic energy storage and the comfort and energy management system.

Casa A2 Pedavena Sinergy - Sphera hybrid

The challenge

The owner of a semi-detached house built in 2000 equipped with a boiler with 300 litre thermal storage combined with 5 square metres of solar thermal panels for the production of domestic hot water, a split for cooling and 4 kW of photovoltaic panels wanted to increase the efficiency of his house in order to lower its running costs.

From the point of view of the envelope, the building is constructed with a reinforced concrete frame and 35 cm brick infill with 4 cm thermal insulation with a transmittance of 0.435 w/m2K, a wooden roof with 8 cm insulation with a transmittance of 0.383 w/m2K, and PVC windows and doors with double glazing and a transmittance of 1.3 w/m2K. 
From the energy point of view, the area in which to intervene with a good cost/benefit ratio was that of the systems, replacing the boiler with a more efficient and ecological generator such as a heat pump.

In Pedavena, however, winters are very cold and the temperature easily drops below zero. The owner was therefore concerned that the heat pump might not be able to heat his house, or would consume more than a boiler.

Casa A2 Pedavena Soluzione Control4NRG

The solution

Clivet, however, had the solution: a Sphera EVO 2.0 hybrid heat pump, which integrates heat pump and boiler. This heat pump is equipped with the €/Switch function, which calculates and activates the most efficient and convenient resource (heat pump and/or boiler) according to the contingent conditions, always favouring renewable resources, on the basis of the parameters entered by the user from the interface on the front of the unit: the cost per kWh of electrical energy, the cost per m3 of gas obtainable from the energy company's supply contract, and the prevailing type of terminals present in the building (radiant panels, fan coils, radiators).

In order to further reduce running costs and make the most of the existing photovoltaic panels, to cover the needs of the heat pump and other domestic users, not only during the day, but also in the evening hours, a 10 kWh Sinergy energy storage unit was installed. It stores the energy collected by the photovoltaic panels during the day and makes it available in the evening hours, which are when there is the greatest demand for electricity.

The entire system is controlled by the centralised Control4 NRG management and control system, which allows all connected elements to be managed in full synergy to maximise comfort and energy efficiency, and is managed remotely via smartphone by the owner through the Clivet Eye App.

Casa A2 Pedavena esterno

The results

Thanks to the new hybrid heat pump and the installation of electrical energy storage managed by Clivet's comfort and energy management and control system, the house has gone to Class A2 and now the owner and his family can enjoy year-round sustainable comfort both environmentally and economically, managing everything from their smartphone.

Owner's comment

Thanks to the Sinergy electricity storage I have almost total energy independence and my electricity and gas bills are finally light!

casa A2 Pedavena Sphera e Sinergy

The protagonists

  • Installer: TERMOIDRAULICA STEFANI di STEFANI Dimitri for the hybrid heat pump, Stefani Michele electrical systems for the Sinergy and Control4 NRG
  • Designer: TRES Geom. Sara
  • Energy certifier: CECCATO Geom. Barbara

Installed units

  • Sphera Tower 5.1 with 33.4 gas boiler; 
  • Sinergy 10 kWh; 
  • Control4 NRG