Rogoza Sport Center Slovenia
Rogoza – Slovenia
Centro sportivo
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Anno 2018


Sports Center of Rogoza

The center has an area of 2048 m2 and a volume of 21,500 m3.

The challenge

The customer's initial request was to equip the sports center with a winter heating system with the aim of renting the facility to sports clubs only in winter.
The installed system had to ensure comfort, air quality through the necessary air changes and have both reduced costs for both initial investment and management.

rogozza solution charts

The solution

The solution proposed and accepted by the customer was a rooftop heat pump system for heating, air conditioning, air renewal and purification. The unit is equipped with electronic filters active on nano particles, molds, pollen, viruses and bacteria, thermodynamic recovery of the energy contained in the exhaust air, CO2 probe for air quality to provide the correct quantity of fresh air according to the real needs of comfort and healthiness of the environment.
Air distribution takes place through very high induction channels, which allow a maximum stratification of 1 ° C both in height and in width.
The roorftop rooftop installed is sized for an air flow rate of 22,000 m3 / h with a primary air intake of 50%.

The results
The initial cost for this complete system of heating, air conditioning and air renewal and purification was 20% higher than that for heating only, but it has allowed the amortization time to be halved because the center can also be rented in summer.
The high seasonal efficiencies with SCOP> 3.4 and SEER> 4.3 associated with the thermodynamic recovery and the low pressure drops allow a considerable annual saving in operating costs. The management of the renewal air based on the occupation of the spaces allows to further optimize the management costs, with an average monthly cost of € 400.
Last but not least, the system fully satisfies the needs of comfort all year round both in terms of temperature and air quality for the complete well-being of athletes

The team

  • Clivet's distributor: GB SISTEMI D.O.O.

Clivet unit

1 CSRN-XHE2 High efficiency "Roof Top" air cooled heat pump