Polegge, Vicenza – Italy
Residential Complex 
Residential System
Year 2020




The RESIDENZA+ complex located in Vicenza (Polegge), consisting of 3 blocks of houses for a total of 11 residential units, was built according to an innovative philosophy that can be summarized with the slogan: building the well-being.


The challenge

• Contain the management costs 
• Experience a 360° well-being condition even in an area highly polluted by PM10
• Contribute to the improvement of air quality
Analyzing the results of an accurate market survey, it clearly emerged that the living comfort, perceived by the users of the houses, is mainly linked to the quality of the air that is breathed at home.

The design therefore had the following objectives:
• energy saving
• living comfort
• air quality
• best temperature (thermal comfort) and ambient humidity
• brightness
• acoustics comfort

Residenza Polegge - system

The air conditioning system

The 11 residential units are structurally independent to eliminate acoustic bridges and equipped with a ventilated wall for effective protection from humidity and atmospheric agents and for better thermal and acoustic insulation. The units are completely autonomous aslso as afa as plants are concerned.

The right temperature is guaranteed both in summer and in winter by the SPHERA inverter technology heat pump, combined with radiant floor panels.

Air quality, essential in a place with a high concentration of PM10, is guaranteed by the ELFOFresh air renewal and purification system equipped with active thermodynamic recovery of the energy contained in the expelled air for maximum savings and electronic filters capable to eliminate 99% of nano-particles, pollen, viruses and bacteria for the health and comfort of the inhabitants of the house.

ELFOFresh also grants the humidity control, function very useful in summer cooling operation with radiant panels.

The management of the entire system takes place through ELFOControl, the management and control system, which allows maximum customization of system settings and adjustments and simple remote monitoring and control of the entire system from smartphones and tablets using the App dedicated.

Each residential unit is equipped with a 3kW photovoltaic system.

The kitchens are equipped with induction plates, completely freeing the building from the use of gas or other fuels.

I risultati - Residenza Polegge

The results

The integration of the building-plant system from the design stage and the completeness of the comfort system made it possible to obtain optimal temperature, humidity and air quality, as far as maximum acoustic comfort.

It also ensured great energy saving and the use of solar energy both indirect thanks to the heat pump technology and direct thanks to the photovoltaic system. The result is a a residential complex in energy class A4.

Finally, the fact that the houses have plants and the kitchens powered exclusively by electricity has made it possible to totally eliminate local combustion emissions, contributing to improving the quality of the outdoor air.

The team

Commissioning: Bruno60due srl - Vicenza

Project management: RX Casa - Simple Rebuild Eng. Luca Perobelli - Vicenza

Real estate marketing: Immobiliare Domus - Vicenza

Clivet Agency: Dal Maso & Maschera - Vicenza

Architectural design: Studio AS + Vicenza Architect Aberto Albiero

Builder: Impresa Vescovi Gildo S.R.L.

Plant design: Engineer Alessandro Zancan

System installation: Nicoli Giovanni S.R.L.

Design and installation of electrical systems: G.T.E. Business Network