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Someone think that MULTISplit air conditioners are an ideal solution solely for the residential market because they cool each room of the house based on the most diverse needs.

This type of air conditioning system is actually also highly suitable for shops, small offices, and all small businesses in general.

MULTISplit v.s. MONOSplit

MULTISplit air conditioners are based on a very simple, straightforward concept. While the MONOSplit counterpart models, ideal for properties with a small floor area or low heat consumption, pair a single indoor unit with the outdoor unit (commonly known as the motor), the MULTISplit air conditioner makes it possible to significantly increase the number of connections.

In fact, we have the Dualsplit model when there are two indoor units, the Trial model when there are three, and so on. The outdoor unit, notoriously noisier than the indoor ones, acts as a motor to power the splits in the different rooms that need cooling or, if the air conditioner is equipped with Inverter technology, heating.

What are the advantages of MULTISplit for businesses?

The high-level efficiency is certainly one of main advantages of MULTISplit air conditioners. Clivet models, for example, boast A+ to A++ efficiency ratings and feature Inverter technology and electronic controls that significantly reduce energy consumption by only supplying the power that is actually needed.

Moreover, having several splits paired to a single outdoor unit makes it possible to set the various areas to different temperatures, thanks also to intelligent sensors that ensure the ideal level of comfort based on how many people are actually there and on the various activities being done in businesses. An example? In a shop or small office, it is possible to mainly cool more crowded work areas, classic waiting rooms where customers wait for sales representatives, and so on.

Are there savings with MULTISplit units?

Another highlight of MULTISplit air conditioners is the net reduction in size, which means you save space, especially in rooms without balconies or specific places to put the machines. What about costs? One thing is to install a single outdoor unit, in terms of labour and materials used; another is installing several outdoor units to connect to as many indoor splits. Instead, there is minimal difference between MONOSplit and MULTISplit regarding periodic product maintenance, as it is notoriously the indoor units that require greater attention to ensure excellent air quality.

MULTISplit solutions from Clivet

Depending on the size of the rooms to heat or cool, Clivet has MULTISplit systems available with a capacity ranging from 4 to 12.5 kW. The outdoor units, available in dual, trial, quadri, and penta versions, are paired with up to a maximum of 5 indoor units with separate circuits. The result is the option of setting different temperatures for each area, increasing efficiency and living comfort. Instead, there are different types of indoor units available: from classic wall-mounted splits (Cristallo and Essential) to false ceiling cassettes(Box 2), to ductable units(Duct 2) and units that guarantee dual ceiling or floor installation (Ceiling and Floor 2).

All Clivet Multisplit air conditioners use eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant, which ensures low emissions.

The alternative is called Light Commercial

For very small shops that stand out for having a single space, Clivet also offers the Light Commercial air conditioner line. These systems offer a capacity from 3.5 to 16 kW and come standard with an outdoor unit that is paired with and supplies thermal or refrigerant energy to a single indoor unit (A+ or A++ class). To improve indoor air distribution in irregularly shaped rooms, there is also the option of connecting a second indoor unit (TWIN) that still works under the same conditions as the first.