Meccanica De Agnoi

Marostica, Vicenza, Italy
Mold manufacturing industry
VRF system
Year 2021


Comfort and energy saving with the retrofit of the De Agnoi company, which specializes in the production of injection molds for plastics and molds for die casting.

Founded in 1990, Meccanica De Agnoi is mainly specialized in the design and construction of high-tech injection molds for plastics and molds for die casting. The company develops in two factories for a total area of 1500 square meters.

The challenge

unità interna

In 2021 the company undertook a retrofit activity of the industrial warehouse, a reinforced concrete building from 1997 without insulation heated by natural gas air generators, with the aim of increasing the comfort of employees, decreasing the consumption of energy and management costs and reducing the environmental impact of the company.

The solution

seconda unità esterna

The purpose was achieved through a Clivet VRF system consisting of two independent VRF MV6i outdoor units equipped with a vapor injection DC inverter compressor capable of offering high performance even in the harshest ambient conditions, for maximum comfort and energy saving.
The air distribution inside the building is guaranteed by 4 high prevalence ductable indoor units which, thanks to 20 steps for setting the static pressure and 7 ventilation speeds that can be easily set from a remote control, offer maximum indoor comfort in the environment.

The results
The system guarantees the right temperature all year round and has made it possible to both eliminate fuel gas emissions and reduce consumption, for a green and sustainable building also from an economic point of view.

The improvement of energy efficiency has finally made it possible to obtain Italian tax incentives for the energy efficiency of buildings. 


  • Owner: Meccanica De Agnoi, Marostica (Vicenza), Italy
  • Plant design: Studio ADZ di Zonta, Bassano D.G. (Vicenza), Italy
  • Plant installation: Maroso Impianti srl

Clivet units installed

  • 2 VRF MV6i 500T outdoor units
  • 4 ductable indoor units with high prevalence CN-2-XMi D250
  • 4 wired controls