La Coruña - Spain
Contemporary Art Museum
Packaged System 
Year 2016



Clivet atmosphere at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Gas Natural Union Fenosa (MAC) in La Coruña

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Unión Fenosa (MAC), reopened on 6 October 2016 with the inauguration of the 14th Mostra de Arte Gas Natural Fenosa,  and is the benchmark exhibition in Spain for modern art and a place of encounter between artists and lovers of modern art, thanks to the vast programme of exhibitions, conferences, courses and workshops for students and professionals, film festivals, and concerts, which the facility hosts.  
From 25 July 2016 to 6 October 2016, the museum had remained closed to the public for the restructuring of the air-conditioning systems.
About Mac

The Gas Natural Union Fenosa Museum of Contemporary Art was inaugurated in 1995 as part of a large cultural center of the energy production company. It also included a second museum dedicated to energy.
In the last 10 years, almost half a million people walked through its halls as visitors or participants to various daily activities related to creativity.
The museum is also involved in the social field, with a program for people with disabilities, which involved more than 20,000 participants.

The challenge

The main requirement was the control and maintenance of constant levels of temperature and humidity even during the closing time, to allow optimal conservation of artworks.
Another objective was to ensure comfort to visitors regardless of external conditions and crowding.
Particular attention was given to the cut down of energy consumption and therefore to the reduction of management costs.
Another challenge was to finish the renovation of the air conditioning system by September, in just two months, to allow the reopening of the MAC during the long-awaited annual exhibition dedicated to the works of contemporary Spanish artists.

The solution

The control and maintenance of constant levels of temperature and humidity of the museum has been entrusted to a Clivet rooftop system composed of 4 air-air SMARTPACK heat pumps and 7 air-air ClivetPACK heat pumps, all equipped with electronic air filtration, thermodynamic energy recovery of the energy contained in the exhaust air and Free-cooling.

The heat pumps maintain temperature and humidity conditions in the parameters necessary for the correct conservation of the artworks:

  • in winter, room temperature + 19°C ± 1°C, with relative humidity of 50% ± 5%;
  • in summer, room temperature  + 26°C ± 1°C, with relative humidity of 50% ± 5%.

To avoid any problems regarding the conservation of the works and to guarantee the maximum comfort to visitors, the units are equipped with sensors to control the concentration of CO2 in the environment. In this way they can adapt the air renewal to the crowding.

The entire plant is controlled by Clivet P-MATIC management and control system, which monitors the environmental conditions of the various rooms and activates the rooftop units only where and when needed, significantly reducing management costs.

The results

The new air conditioning system ensures the control and maintenance of constant levels of temperature and relative humidity both during the opening to the public and during the closing time, allowing the optimal conservation of the artworks.

Also the comfort of the visitors is maximum thanks to the combined action of the supervision system and the CO2 probes that vary the volumes of fresh air according to the crowding of the various rooms.

The decentralization of the system and technological devices such as thermodynamic energy recovery and freecooling increase the overall efficiency of the system, reducing operating costs.

The packaged construction of Clivet air conditioning units, which are already tested in factory and equipped with all the main components of the system, simplified the installation operations and cut down the time of the new plant building, reducing the closure of the museum just to two months. The doors of the Museum were opened to visitors in time for the inauguration of the 14th Exhibition of Art Gas Natural Fenosa.


The building

Prefab structure in reinforced concrete on two floors above the ground 

The team
Commissioner: Gas Natural Unión Fenosa
Systems design: Airen Ingeniería
Installation Direction: Airen ingeniería
Installation: Eulen


Il sistema - MAC

The system

  • 4 packaged air-air reversible heat pump rooftops SMARTPACK CKN-XHE
  • 7 packaged air-air reversible heat pump rooftops ClivetPACK CSRN-XHE2
  • 1 P-Matic Multiplex Supervision System for centralized management of the entire air-conditioning system