Istituto professionale Puecher Olivetti

Rho - Milan, Italy
Primary air
Year 2022



Air renewal system

for the thermal laboratory of the "Puecher Olivetti" High School in Rho.

ZEPHIRair renewal system with electronic filtration and thermodynamic recovery for the thermal laboratory of the "Puecher Olivetti" High School in Rho.

The challenge

For years AICARR, as a cultural association of the HVAC sector, and Clivet as a manufacturer of air conditioning systems, have been committed to raising awareness of the importance of indoor air quality.
The supply of external air through controlled mechanical ventilation, VMC, in fact improves the quality of the indoor environment, with positive effects on the hygiene conditions, health and performance of people, and is more effective and efficient from the energy point of view than the air renewal through the "opening of windows", which is even harmful to health in case of buildings erected in high polluted areas.

To promote the culture of energy efficiency and the importance of indoor air quality in school buildings, Clivet joined the AICARR project in collaboration with the Puecher Olivetti professional institute in Rho, supplying a Zephirair renewal and purification unit with thermodynamic recovery and electronic filtration.

The solution

Zephir3, in addition to guaranteeing the air renewal in one of the laboratories, allows air to be introduced into the environment at a controlled temperature and humidity, strongly contributing to the comfort and healthiness of the air breathed by students and teachers.
The indoor air quality is controlled through COand VOCs probes provided by Belimo and will be monitored by AICARR and the institute's work team in order to compare the air quality obtained through VMC and that of a twin classroom without VMC system.

The realization of the VMC system, donated by AiCARR with the contribution of the companies of the Consulta industriale, was a great team effort that also involved P3 as the supplier of the ducting panels, Sagicofim for the terminals, grilles, dampers, Siram for the management of energy services and Prodim, which took care of the design of the system and the students of the school, who collaborated in the installation of the system, putting into practice the theoretical notions learned during their studies.

The comment

Massimiliano Baravalli, the Clivet Business Developer who supervised the ventilation part of the project, comments: "For many years now, we have been carrying on "our battle" to raise awareness among designers, installers and investors of the importance of equipping buildings with an adequate air renewal and purification system to ensure the well-being and health of people. We therefore enthusiastically welcomed this project launched by AICARR, which will allows us to give visibility to this issue, which is fundamental for us, with a concrete case study, backed up by comparative monitoring within the same building."