Ideal living comfort with the Smart Living ecosystem

We spend more than half of our lives in the house. This is why clean air, the right warmth and smart room control applications can really change lives for the better.

The term living comfort is now part of our vocabulary and describes a state of well-being that people can achieve within a given environment. A state that depends on a number of factors, such as temperature and humidity levels, air quality and noise output, and which becomes even more important because we spend most of our lives in the house. As much as 55% according to a recent survey.

Living comfort first and foremost affects people’s health, contributing to a decrease in the onset of illness and, consequently, a reduction in health care costs. The environmental aspect is also extremely important. Yes, because to achieve this state of well-being, it is inevitable to consume energy. Just think of the resources needed to heat the house in the winter and cool it in the summer, but also to produce domestic hot water and ensure proper air renewal. This is why, in a world where energy costs weigh heavily on household budgets, being able to rely on air conditioning solutions that use renewable energy becomes truly essential. To protect the environment by reducing harmful emissions, and also to save on energy bills.

The Smart Living system for smart and conscious living comfort

Smart Living is an integrated comfort and energy building management system designed by Clivet for residential applications. 
It includes the following components:

Clivet has been working for over 30 years to ensure the best living comfort for both those buying a new property and those about to start refurbishing, offering a wide range of products for heating and cooling, air renewal and purification, hot water production and connection to solar panels. 

With the introduction of the Smart Living system, the company takes yet another step forward towards innovation to make its solutions even more efficient, connected and easily monitored.

Because according to Clivet, the house only becomes smart when it can ensure the utmost living comfort by reducing energy costs to a minimum or even to zero. But how can we achieve energy independence in the home? Easy. By seamlessly integrating the heat pumps with the Clivet Sinergy electricity storage system and the Control4 NRG smart assistant.

Eco-friendly heating with heat pumps

The heat pump is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional boiler, as it mainly uses energy from the outside air, groundwater or underground heat. And there’s more: unlike boilers, this device not only heats the house during the winter, but it can also cool it during the hotter season, making air conditioning completely unnecessary.

Clivet offers a wide range of heat pumps that ensure maximum energy saving, numerous configuration possibilities (split or packaged, uncased or in full view, etc.) and with eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant. New hybrid models include the Sphera EVO 2.0 EASYHybrid heat pump, which last year won the Klimahouse Prize in the Market Performance category, thereby ranking it as the best sustainable and economical hybrid system to flawlessly replace a boiler.

Flagship of the Full Electric line, Sphera EVO 2.0 is instead a split air-to-water heat pump (the indoor and outdoor units are separate to ensure space optimisation) available with a wide range of capacities (4 to 16 kw) and in 3 different configurations: wall-mounted, with integrated DHW tank and uncased. A unit that perfectly combines with radiant floor, ceiling or wall systems, which features CD inverter technology to ensure cooling, and which can be combined with domestic hot water tanks holding up to 250 litres.


Consistent clean air with controlled mechanical ventilation

Indoor air quality is absolutely essential for the health of those living at home, as it is one of the determining factors in achieving optimal living comfort. In fact, regularly breathing stale air promotes allergies and respiratory problems. Some studies also show that prolonged contact with micropollutant particles may be related to the risk of developing serious diseases such as cancer or diabetes.
To ensure air renewal and purification, Clivet offers the ELFOFresh EVO controlled mechanical ventilation unit. Ideal for installation inside a false ceiling, thanks to its small size and height of just 29 centimetres, the unit features an innovative thermodynamic heat recovery system, which alone fulfils over 85% of the building’s requirements, purifies the air with a high-efficiency electrostatic filter (optional), and ensures air volumes from 125 to 500 m3/h, to fulfil the renewal demands of homes of up to 300 square metres. It is no coincidence that during the last Energy Saving Awards (UK) it was awarded as the Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year 2022.

With Sinergy and the Control4 NRG assistant the house is truly smart

Technical evolution and digitisation have also made it possible to maximise energy consumption in the home, allowing it to be fully independent. In fact, the modular water tank system with Sinergy inverter is able to store the electric energy produced by the photovoltaic system during the day and use it to power the air conditioning system and produce domestic hot water in the evening.

On the other hand, the CONTROL4 NRG smart assistant handles integration of the Synergy water tank with the heat pumps in the best possible way to increase comfort and efficiency, generating the necessary energy only where and when it is needed, according to the requirements of all the occupants.

To complete the system, Clivet also offers uncased Wi-Fi chronothermostats with touch screen designed to optimise the use of systems fitted with Sphera EVO heat pump. Available in two colours, the thermostats can also be managed remotely, with the Clivet Home Connect app available on Google Play and the App Store, or with common voice assistants such as Alexa.