5-star hotel in Athens

Athens, Greece
System: Hydronic + Primary Air (WDAN-iK4 MF + ELFODUCT MP + SAHU + AQX)
Year 2022

Air conditioning for Hotels

Clivet comfort in the 5-star hotel in the centre of Athens

Located between the cultural center of the historic city of Athens and the cosmopolitan Athenian Riviera, the 5-stars hotel, opened in 2018, offers the ultimate hospitality experience.

In 2021, the property decided to enlarge it and chose Clivet systems for the comfort of the new part of the hotel.

Hotel 5 stelle ad Atene impianto

The system

In order to grant the right temperature, eliminate humidity and offer the best air quality for the comfort and wellbeing of visitors and operators, while saving money and respecting the environment a Civet hydronic system was installed in 2022.

The system is composed by:

  • 2 Screwline4 WDAN-iK4 MF multifunction heat pumps with ecological refrigerant R513A and screw inverter compressors to supply to meet the simultaneous needs of hot and chilled water and supply the necessary energy according to the temperature in the different areas
  • 10 SAHU air handling units
  • 5 AQX air handling units
  • 4 ELFODUCT MP ductable water cooled terminal unit
  • Protagonists

Clivet distributor: ABB SA, Greece

The benefits of choosing multifunctional heat pumps

Screwline4 WDAN-iK4 MF multifunctional units are able to supply hot and chilled water simultaneously and are therefore ideal to cover the needs of all those buildings characterised by simultaneous opposite loads.

With a single multifunctional unit that produces cooling and heating simultaneously, independently and efficiently, it is possible to simplify the system, replacing the generators (boiler and chiller) that in traditional systems work independently, with considerable advantages such as: 

  • less space required for thermal equipment, more surface area available for other uses; 
  • simplification of the hydraulic circuit; 
  • faster and cheaper installation and maintenance; 
  • gas supply no longer required. 

From an energy and economic point of view, multifunctional heat pumps also have considerable advantages. 

Thanks to the integrated energy recovery, all thermal energy that would normally be dissipated during chilled water production is recovered to produce free hot water, further increasing the overall efficiency of the system.  

Finally, the installed multifunctional units are able to automatically meet the system's needs, even in the case of varying heating and cooling loads with the logic of maximum energy efficiency, thanks to the inverter screw technology with which they are equipped.