REVO (Recovery EVOlution) represents a revolution in thermodynamic recovery.

This new technology greatly simplifies the process of recovering energy from exhaust air, avoiding the use of exchangers or entire dedicated refrigeration circuits.

In fact, recovery is carried out directly on a delimited portion of the source coil, which, when crossed by the exhausted air, allows an immediate improvement in the unit's operating conditions, with a consequent increase in power output and overall machine efficiency.

The efficiency of energy-related products (ErP) is one of the pillars of the European programme towards a sustainable economy that respects the environment and people's quality of life. The new CLIVETPack3i CSRN-iY rooftops have seasonal efficiencies that exceed the performance limits prescribed by European regulations by more than 30%.

These important results are possible thanks to the adoption of the Full Inverter technology, applied to the main components of the unit:

A. Cooling circuit with compressors controlled by Inverter

B. Plug-fans with brushless motor on the treatment side

C. Helicoidal fans with brushless motor on source side

In the new CLIVETPack3i rooftops the environmental impact is reduced up to 80% thanks to the low GWP of R32 (675 compared to 2088 of R410A), combined with the reduction and optimisation of the refrigerant charge achieved through a careful design of each individual component (REVO technology and size reduction).

Free cooling is used to satisfy the ambient load without switching on the unit's resources (compressors), by directly introducing a quantity of external air suitable for satisfying the ambient set points.

The unit manages this process autonomously, modulating the quantity of external air necessary to overcome the loads and avoid under-cooling the rooms.

The new CBK-G configuration allows 100% FreeCooling also in the version with a single fan section, through the insertion of modulating recirculation and overpressure dampers on the unit.