Esmoriz - Portugal
Packaged system
Year 2018



One of the largest supermarket chains in Portugal

One of the largest supermarket chains in Portugal has chosen Clivet as its rooftop supplier for its new brand supermarket in Esmoriz, town near Porto.

This rooftop covers a total surface of 1500 m2.

The challenge

The unit height was a principal factor to choose the Clivet air conditioning proposal.

Any solution higher than 2,5 meters would have a visual impact on the building and wouldn’t be acceptable for the architectural point of view.

At the same time, this constraint about height has not to decrease the efficiency of the unit and its cooling capacity.

The air conditioning systems had to ensure clean air and the highest comfort level to the customers of the supermarket.  


Clivet solution for the supermarket in Esmoriz

The solution

The system adopted is based on a CLIVETPack2 autonomous air-cooled packaged heat pump air conditioning unit, specialized for medium-crowded areas such as supermarkets, commercial areas, railway station production areas, airports.

The unit is equipped with the most advanced energy-saving technologies such as Thor thermodynamic energy recovery on exhaust air, dual circuit with 2 scroll compressors each, device for reducing the consumption of outdoor fans, enthalpic FREE-COOLING, high efficiency diffusers for axial fans (AxiTop).

It also provided with an air quality probe to control the CO2 rate in order to vary modulate the flow rate of the renewal air according to the indoor CO2 concentration.

Furthermore, CLIVETPack2 CSRN-XHE2 49.4 2.4 m height perfectly fits with the requirement of the architect without reducing the efficiency. 

The results

CLIVETPack2 was able to solve the problem of the limited height of the building using the THOR thermodynamic heat recovery system.

This unit further offers a CO2 probe, adapts the operation to the real need for air renewal in the rooms, guaranteeing a 360-degree comfort, energy and money savings.

Technical data

Surface: 1.500 m2
Cooling capacity:  182 kW
Airflow: 32.000 m3/h
Available static pressure: 345 Pa (Return + supply air)
Filtration: G4 (ISO Coarse 60%) + F7 (ISO ePM1 55%)

The team

Clivet distributor: MOLLIER ENGENHARIA, Lda - Portugal