Casa vacanze in Austria

Vacation home in Austria
Hydronic System – WSAN-YMI-31
Year 2022


Vacation home in Austria

The wine cottage transformed in a vacation home.

In 2021 the owner of a small wine cottage built in 2003 in Weinberg, Austria, decided to transform the building in a vacation home.

The solution

In 2022 he installed an ELFOEnergy Edge EVO Clivet WSAN-YMI-31 heat pump for heating through floor radiant panles and produce hot domestic water.
The unit was chosen for its high efficiency and low environmental impact, made possible by the inverter technology which allow to adapt its operation to the real needs and by the low GWP refrigerant R32.

Clivet units and protagonists

Distributor: Mago d.o.o. Slovenia

Clivet units installed: ELFOENERGY EDGE EVO heat pump WSAN-YMI-31