Private house Feltre

Seren del Grappa  - Belluno, Italy
Single house
Hydronic system: SPHERA EVO
Year: 2020-2021


Renovation of a stone cottage

Single house on 2 floors

Thanks to the 2 boosters, the SPHERA EVO heat pump supplies water at different temperatures. High temperature for the renovated living area where the radiators have been kept and low temperature for the part where the radiant floors and walls have been installed. In summer it also allows to cool the rooms located in the attic thanks to fan coils.

interno casa con sistema Sphera

The challenge

The owners of the building, a stone cottage build in the early 1900s and only partially renovated, wanted to reduce the costs for heating the inhabited part served by LPG boiler, radiators and pellet stove, and renovate the uninhabited part, transforming them into a single house served by the same system.
The LPG boiler had to be eliminated due to the very high heating costs and for safety reasons, which excluded keeping an LPG boiler in the basement of the house.
To limit the renovation costs, it was decided to keep part of the existing radiators and to opt for wall heating to save the existing wooden floors in the sleeping area.
Last but not least, there was the need to cool the attic.

The solution

With the renovation, the house was insulated with a 16 cm rock wool coat, 10 cm wood wool insulation + 10 cm rock wool on the roof and triple-chamber windows.
For the heating, a SPHERA EVO BOX electric heat pump with storage of 300 liters and electrical integrator was installed, which supplies water at different temperatures in order to power the radiators on the ground floor, the radiant walls and radiant floors on the first floor and the fan coil installed in the attic. In summer, the heat pump is also used to cool the attic.
Each room is equipped with WI-FI thermostats, which regulate the operation of the heat pump according to the temperature.
6 kW of photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof, connected to a 10kW battery to favor self-consumption of energy.
Through the Clivet App it is possible to control the entire system from a smartphone.

The results

"Our old stone cottage is today a green house in class A3 with all the comforts thanks to a really flexible system that allows us to have the temperature we want all year round, even in summer, in all the rooms, saving money compared to what we spent with the old boiler to heat only a portion of the house. And we didn't even have to remove the radiators!” comments the owner.
Since the system is all electric, the safety problems have also been solved.

Units installed

  • SPHERA BOX EVO electric heat pump with storage of 300 liters and integrative coil
  • Seitron WiFi HID-TCXB_S thermostats

The protagonists
Thermotechnician: Ing. Edi Meneguz - Feltre (BL)
Builder: Zugliani srl - Imer (TN)
Plant installer: Smiterm - Seren Del Grappa (BL)
Insulation: Colorgyps - Feltre (BL) + Serramenti Falegnameria Cavarzan snc - Caerano S.M. (TV)